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Party Like it’s Friday! Beale Street Bar and Grill!

Greetings dear readers! I’m happy to present to you a weekly addition to SF Metblogs! Every Wednesday, I’ll pick a bar to write about and present my take and experience in hopes of giving you options for your everyday after-work Happy Hour needs so that you can effectively “Party Like it’s Friday!”

Why should you care what I have to say, you ask?

Good question!

Let’s just chalk it up to the fact that I’m pretty passionate about the after-work Happy Hour ritual we all like to partake in on occasion. You don’t have to agree with everything I have to say, but I hope to get the chance to introduce some new places and perhaps a new perspective on what San Francisco has to offer!

Comments are always welcome and please feel free to throw some suggestions my way! I’m an equal-opportunity drinker and always looking for new spots to check out! As this is a San Francisco blog, let’s try to stay within city limits. Although, I’m no stranger to the East Bay and would love to venture out that way on occasion.

Beale Street Bar and Grill

Beale Street Bar

I was first introduced to Beale Street Bar and Grill when my roommate invited me to a thing his co-workers were having one night. Working in the Financial District in San Francisco has taught me never to turn down an invitation to a bar I’ve never been.

We’re so limited to what bars there are to go to in the area that it seems we tend to flock to the same ones repeatedly after work. I do get it; certain people have certain tastes. That much is… well, certain. But, I’m the type of guy that likes variety. I tend to not have a favorite type of anything. The Financial District seems to provide a certain specific type of venue for your happy hour needs. Sure there’s variety, but like any district in SF, it’s pretty limited. In the Financial District, there are mainly pubs and bars catered to those hard working people we like to affectionately (and sometimes not so much affectionately) call Yuppies.

I tend to really like dive bars. It’s not a preference in the sense that I’ll be opposed to go anywhere else. It’s just that I feel like they have an environment that’s much more comfortable than any stuffed up fancy place can provide.

Beale Street provides the happy medium. It’s still the Financial District and even their slogan says it’s “The Financial District’s Neighborhood Bar” and that tells me they can provide that comfortable dive bar experience you may want.


Muni Transit Effectiveness Project community meetings

The SF Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) community meetings kicked off this week. On 4/19 at West Portal Elementary was the first meeting, with meetings upcoming on the following dates/places.

In April and May, the TEP will share preliminary proposals for Muni service changes and reliability improvements at a series of 11 community meetings throughout San Francisco. With your help, a revitalized Muni system will not only benefit current transit customers, but will improve mobility for everyone who lives, works in or visits San Francisco. Interpretation in Cantonese and Spanish will be provided, and there will be a Fast Pass raffle at each meeting.

  • 4.24 – 6pm – The SF Jewish Community Center – map
  • 4.26 – 10:30am – Dianne Feinstein Elementary – map
  • 4.28 – 6pm – Southeast Community Facility – map
  • 4.30 – 6pm – City College Mission Campus – map

Meetings will continue into May, for a full schedule visit the meetings page on the TEP website.


Ocean Beach circa now


A pigeon contemplates more bones

Open your windows San Francisco!

It’s pretty nice out there, but before you start wailing global warming know that we are still 15-20 degrees under the all time high for this day set in 1988, 84 degrees fahrenheit. The All time low was 38 degrees fahrenheit, set in 1967, the Summer of Love. In case you are making plans, it’s supposed to stay this way through the weekend, enjoy!

So far today:
73 °F / 23 °C

History on this day:
84 °F / 28 °C (1988)
38 °F / 3 °C (1967)

h/t Weather Underground.

The Torch has left the building

Yes, in case you missed it, which was not hard to do… Some shots from the scene at the ballpark. And a soundbite from Aaron Peskin.

“Gavin Newsom runs San Francisco the way the premier of China runs his country – secrecy, lies, misinformation, lack of transparency and manipulating the populace,” Peskin said. “He misled supporters and opponents of the run. People brought their families and their children, and (mayoral officials) hatched a cynical plan to please the Bush State Department and the Chinese government because of the incredible influence of money. SFGate


Update: The Mayor responds to criticism of his decision with these surreal statements:

“We felt it was in everyone’s best interest that we augment the route,” Newsom said. “I believe people were afforded the right to protest and support the torch. You saw that in the streets. They were not denied the ability to protest.” SF Gate

Mayor Gavin Newsom told The Associated Press that the well choreographed fake-out was prompted by the size and behaviour of the crowds amassing outside AT&T Park, site of the relay’s opening ceremony. There was “a disproportionate concentration of people in and around the start of the relay,” he said in a phone interview, while travelling in a caravan that accompanied the torch. The Canadian Press

The rest of my shots on Flickr.

Newsom Kowtows to Chinese Olympic Officials?

Kowtow, rooted in the chinese language, Beijing, in the early 19th century.

1. “to show obsequious deference: FAWN; 2. to kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in token of homage, worship, or deep respect

One can never be sure if perception is reality, but the Mayor has certainly disappointed a large group of people who turned out to see the Olympic Torch pass through SF. It did pass through the city, and for all we know it could still be out there. But it is being hidden. There is some symbolism in there, I’m sure.

We will be told that it was done for the safety of the runners and the citizens who turned out to see it. Of course, this will only remain as the Mayors rationalization. One would think that with what seemed like the ENTIRE SFPD on hand along with Chinese security, that the route could be secured? The SFPD are the nations foremost experts on riot control, but they weren’t ready for this?

The Mayor and the rest of his organization are cowards today. Or worse, they kowtowed to the Chinese to create a false perception of the Torch Run through SF today.


UPDATE, 4:10 PM: The closing ceremony has officially been cancelled. Reported by the SF Gate.


More posting including pictures and some video from the original starting point of the run upcoming…

SFPD Foot Patrol Pilot, is it working?

2299145507_9a49a9da67_m.jpgThe Controllers office released a report today outlining early findings after the first year trial of the program. The program started under much protest from the SF Police officers association, the Mayor and the Chief of police. The Mayor went so far as to Veto the trial program back in November 2006.

The Supes, led by Ross Mirkarimi on this legislation, went on to override the Mayors veto, and the rest of the department seems to have gotten on board with the program. The SFPD had foot patrols before, this legislation was/is intended to put more officers on foot, and make their presence more apparent in the communities they police. Community policing, or foot patrols have been proven quite effective in other major cities in the U.S.. This legislation is hoping to achieve the same strong results that these other communities have experienced.

Is it working? Lifted from the full report (download PDF here):

  • The SFPD committed 83,475 hours of foot beat staffing in the first six months of 2007, an 86% increase from 2006
  • Foot patrols increase the community’s perception of safety. 82% responded by phone and 73% responded on the written survey that they feel “safer”.
  • The SFPD did not meet all of the legislation requirements including not filing reports when beats were not performed. Lack of compliance was due to out of date tech and insufficient administrative oversight.
  • Both Police staff and the community widely accept foot patrols, with majorities reporting in both groups that foot patrols are necessary tool for addressing crime and quality of life issues.
  • The SFPD is lacking in clearly defined goals and objectives related to foot patrols.

The report goes on to list out many recommendations and strategies for bettering the program. There will be a joint hearing of the Police Commission and the Board of Supervisors Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, April 16th at 6 P.M. in the Board Chambers.

You can also read more about the trial and other reports on it’s effectiveness at the San Francisco Police Effectiveness Review site.

Related on SFMB: SF Cops Make the Big Bucks

Photo by scragz.

The New SF Metblog!

Welcome to your new SF Metblog. After many days, weeks, months of blood, sweat and tears, we are humbled to present you an entirely new site. The design and the technology that powers it are brand spanking new. That being said, we know things will break, thanks for being patient while we work that out. This is the beggining, enjoy.

In the meantime, look around, comment, rate, or drop us a line if you have some specific questions or comments.

Also feel free to sign up for our new MBNN mailing list for breaking news or big network announcements.

A spattering of SF food blogs

I was hungry when I decided to surf around for new blogs to peruse. And I guess one should not surf on an empty stomach, as I discovered a mini-community of food bloggers in the process, which managed to make me even hungrier. Or maybe one should surf on an empty stomach, as I also managed to stumble upon a number of cool San Francisco food blogs. Not only were they full of beautiful photos of mouth-watering food, they were also chockful of restaurant reviews, interesting recipes, and colorful insights on the culinary scene in the Bay Area (I believe some of them are professional chefs). I only managed to find 6 of them, but I’m sure there are more. Here they are for your perusal:

Just be forewarned that you may get hungry while visiting the above blogs.

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