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Breaking: Apple stock halted as Jobs announces medical leave

Reversing the message he gave two weeks ago before MacWorld that his dramatic weight loss was a matter of a “hormonal problem,” Steve Jobs today announced he was taking medical leave from his job as Apple CEO, saying “my health-related issues are more complex than I originally thought.”

Trading in Apple shares was temporarily halted, with the shares losing 8% when after-hours trading resumed.

iPhone-carrying MacWorld geeks overload AT&T’s network

According to a post on ZDNet’s Apple Core blog, so many people attending the MacWorld conference in San Francisco this week are using the highly touted cloud data-driven features of Apple’s iPhone that it’s almost impossible to access AT&T’s 3G network.

Phone calls are hit or miss… About half of my calls don’t connect, fail in the middle or otherwise have weird silent dropouts throughout the call… Data connections on AT&T are brutally slow… I thought SF was supposed to be wired?

Maybe it’s just as well Apple is dropping out of the show next year. With attendance this year already down, it should really fall off when the main vendor doesn’t show up — if the conference happens at all. So maybe next January there’ll be no problem at all making pizza orders on your iPhone.

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