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A Brunette’s Best Friend

There’s nothing wrong with brown hair, except when it’s on my head. I feel like body parts are customizable cartoon avatars. If my online self has pink hair, then I should too.

There are a few stumbling blocks to procuring your pink hair, though. Drug stores typically only carry colors of the “natural” variety. One must trek to find the pink hair.

In my quest for pink hair, I was pleased to find a weird store, right in my neighborhood, with pink dye and more. Westwood Beauty Supply carries pink dye in many brands, including my favorite, “Special Effects”, and everything else under the sun as well.

These people have extensions in every variety imaginable, belly button rings, eye shadow in bizarre colors, purses, tiaras and just bins of crazy trinkets.

The trinkets look cheap, but they glitter. The owners don’t speak much English, and they don’t know much about hair. But if you know what you’re there for, they might have it and you don’t even have to go to a mall.

And hell, if you’re lucky, their resident copper chihuahua, Cookie, will be on-hand to greet you.

1524 Ocean Avenue
(between Capitol Ave & Miramar Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 586-1421

The MUNI K line stops right at the corner.
They are typically open from 10am-6:30pm, give or take…

Westwood Beauty Supply

2 bedroom; Close to MUNI; NO Dogs; 21 Birds OK

Anyone who lives in the city knows it can be difficult to find a pet-friendly apartment. My landlord ok’d my dog, since he is “smaller than a cat”. Personally, as a lover of animals, I think landlords should be more lenient. However, a neighbor of mine is probably a good example of “pushing it to the limits”.

It’s hard to take a picture in the sunlight, but on a nice day with the shades are open, you can see a few of my neighbor’s feathered friends. (A few of the flock pictured below) I’ve counted up to about 21 medium-sized, tropical birds with free reign of the front room.

I can’t see too far into the apartment because it’s on the second floor; but in my mind, the rest of the room is decorated with hanging vines and leaves. Maybe a jungle sound effects CD is playing in the background? The windows are definitely decorated… with something else.

flock of birds

Speaking of birds… more pics after the jump

Coconut Club

After dropping the kids off at school, I strapped on my crash helmet and pedaled through Golden Gate Park towards Trouble Coffee, which according to the map on the website is somewhere in the neighborhood of Judah and 46th Ave. I could tell you the exact address – and so could Trouble – but where would the fun be in that? In other words, if you’re curious, you’ll find it. Others have come before you, and didn’t fall off the side of the world. It’s right before you pass the serpents lurking in the waters beyond Ocean Beach. You know, across from 7-11.

Trouble is 225 sq feet of space, most of which is behind the counter. Very clever, in my opinion. The owner is named Julieta (Giulietta?), and she said it was about the size of a hotel room. Less is more, or as explained in her manifesto and the sign outside, “Make your own damn house!” Well, it looks like she’s done just that, and you’re invited. Except Tuesdays and Wednesday when it’s closed.

Besides espresso drinks and drip coffee dubbed “elbow grease”, she serves toast and whole coconut. Seriously. Every cafe should offer toast, and yet they don’t. So don’t be dumb. Order the toast. She gets the bread from Just For You Cafe. The toast was perfect, and came with cinnamon and sugar on top even though I didn’t ask any, nor did I complain, because I got the last piece of toast that day, which I think was some sort of omen in my favor.

Order a coconut. She gets them from trees. But don’t just drink the juice with the straw, use the spoon that was given to you. Don’t waste the good stuff even if you have to work for it. I’m not being bossy here, it’s just my advice.

Are you like Charlie Brown and say, “blech!” to the idea of coconut? Okay, fine. But be honest here, have you ever tried a whole coconut? I’ve had coconut in things like cookies and candy bars, but it was the first time I’d ever walked in to a place and said in a clear voice, “May I please have a coconut”… and I’m here to tell you today you won’t regret the experience.

Ocean Beach circa now


A pigeon contemplates more bones

Public Comments Open – UCSF Stem Cell Research Building public comment period for the new Institute for Regeneration Medicine at UCSF is underway (also known as the Stem Cell Research building). If you are interested, UCSF is planning on building over 71K square feet of essentially lab space on the hill behind the hospital located at 505 Parnassus. This project is on a fast-track, expected to break ground in August of 2008. The window for public comment closes on March 3, 2008.

Taking a cursory review of the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (who knows what that means?) the structure looks kind of cool and modern. Built into the slope of the hill to minimize impact to the observer. The document states that the new building will meet the UC Regents minimum LEED rating, I’m not sure what that min is but it’s exciting the building will keep an eye towards LEED cert.

Pedestrian Hit By Muni

Tonight at approximately 5:41 pm an elderly woman was struck by an outbound N train as it made a turn onto 9th avenue from Irving. According to various reports she is in critical condition at SF General Hospital. The entire scene was shut down for a couple of hours during the rescue and cleanup.

The 9th and Irving corridor has been a focus of traffic calming efforts by the Inner Sunset Neighborhood Association and the Inner Sunset Merchants Association for at least the past 3 years. Unfortunately the MTA and City’s Investigative periods are not timely, and continue as of today. Combined with the fact that several city departments, including the Police Department and Fire & Rescue do not want to see Traffic calming in the Inner Sunset as they say it would affect response times.

Goddesses of Victory invade Union Square

That column in the middle of Union Square, it’s topped with the goddess of Victory on top. Well her Greek name is Nike, and this weekend below her a whole tent city has been set up for thousands of athletic women from all over the country that are in town to participate in the 2007 Nike Women’s Marathon.

There’s an “expotique” built up around the concepts of fun & fitness, and Nike’s offering runners free manicures, massages, and a heads up on all sorts of Nike related whatnot. This popular and completely sold out annual event has brought in heap loads of dough for Luekemia & Lymphoma related causes, an estimated some $40 million in the first three years. This year, the event’s 4th, is expected to pull in over 18 million alone, from the efforts of some 20,000 participants, up from 15,000 last year, registered from 11 countries & all 50 states. All the slots were filled in just 3 and a half days, and I even saw registration spots being auctioned on Ebay.

Like the sneakers, this isn’t a one size fits all race, so there’s also a half marathon for those who don’t feel up to the whole 26 mile challenge.

On Sunday, the runners leave Union Square at 7 am and head through the downtown financial district past the TransAmerica tower, along the Embarcadero past the Wharf, and Marina Green into the Presidio and out to the Great Highway, through Golden Gate Park and south along Lake Merced, finishing just north of the Great Highway along the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, event organizers have even set up randomly placed DJ stations, and live entertainment options to keep the runners entertained all the way to the sea. If you’d like to see the 26 mile course breeze by in about 11 high speed minutes via streaming video, click on the windows media file link below the jump:

San Francisco State graduates over 8000+

Under a blanket of chilly fog around 20,000 friends and family of students gathered at SF State’s Cox stadium on Saturday for the University’s 106th graduation ceremony. The largest number of graduates and most diverse class in the University’s history grabbed diplomas, over 8,000 students from over 100 nations.

While booze, beach balls and bare breasts were officially verboten during the ceremony based on ye olde 12th century English scholarly tradition, that didn’t stop this re-blog-porter from seeing all three of the banned items. Unfortunately though for me, the breasts were hairy and those of a decidedly male persuasion.

To prove the point that SF State is a diverse and unique institution University President Robert Corrigan welcomed guest speakers Arthur Dong, an alumnus & noted Emmy award winning gay asian documentary filmmaker, and SF’s District Attorney Kamala Harris, the nation’s first black female to hold such a position.

Once at the dais, Dong humorously shot footage of the crowd as a “screen test”, said hello to his Mom, and admonished his child to note how big he seemed on the projection screen, and that he better eat his vegetables. Dong gave a shout out to the Ethnic Studies college grads, and delivered semi meandering remarks on bigotry that eventually brought up the death of Jerry Falwell as “good”. He also mentioned that dropping out of SF State for 10 years was one of the best experiences of his life.
San Francisco State Graduation

more on the ceremonial hoopla at SF State after the jump…

Events Brewing To Celebrate 74th Anniversary of Repeal of Prohibition

This month, as spring begins it’s mighty reign over hill & dale, local hopped beverage lovers have additional reasons to rejoice including the 24th Annual San Francisco International Beer Festival at Fort Mason on April 28th . Ye need not wait that long though, as a week long repeal of prohibition anniversary bash is ongoing at North Beach’s Rogue Ales Public House now through Sunday.

Indeed many frothy quaffs await yer presence all over the region with details after the jump. In addition to the 27 ales Rogue has on tap, they now have their own spirits line including a hazelnut spiced rum, and on Tuesday debuted the first pours of their Spruce gin. They also have grub including Kobe beef burgers, and on Friday they will feature a pig roast.

Things really get rolling this weekend with Saturday’s Rogue Olympics where entrants celebrate the repeal of prohibition by competing in activities like the Washington Sq tricycle obstacle course, beer pong and a root beer chug off. Sunday Rogue wraps up their weeklong anniversary bash with a pajama party bloody mary brunch and the swearing in for dogs into the thirsty & esteemed Rogue Nation, an honor once reserved only for people.

Other info on brew related local events coming up this month, including the Meet The Brewers dinner at Edlo’s for the occasionally hungry & unusually organized beer enthusiast after the jump…

Anarchist Bookfair This Weekend in Golden Gate Park

As I “blog”, just off 9th & Lincoln at the Hall of Flowers/County Fair Bldg in Golden Gate Park, the “organizers” of the 12th annual Anarchist Bookfair are setting up their tables and preparing for an eventful couple days. There will be over 60 booksellers, independent presses and political groups from all over the country, and some from as far as Japan and Europe.

Best of all it’s FREE admission… and is situated smack dab in the scenic melting pot of Golden Gate Park’s Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum, close to where white clad lawn bowlers, drug addled homeless, soccer playing non-contact felony hit and run suspects, all cavort amongst poisoned rats and exotic plants.

Amongst the speakers include local ShapingSF historian & co-father of Critical Mass, Chris Carlsson, who in the 80’s started publishing Processed World magazine, the temp workers journal, long before blogs made workplace griping so commonplace.

Other speakers at this year’s two day event organized by Haight St’s Bound Together Books collective include Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry, filmmaker Saul Landau, Colorado’s controversial college professor Ward Churchill, and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz whose recent book is “Blood on the Border: A Memoir of the Contra War”, an account of her time in Nicaragua and Honduras in the 80s.

a list of more participants, links , a map and additional info after the jump :

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