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America’s Cup Makes a Stop at City Hall

America's Cup

“There is no more appropriate home for the Cup than the Golden Gate Yacht Club, with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island,” said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. San Francisco City Hall will get to ogle it first at a public celebration Saturday at 11:30am. The Cup will be on display at the City Hall Rotunda 11am – 3pm.

San Francisco Home to America’s Cup

Larry's Office

I remember the thrill when in 1977 the founder of CNN, Robert Edward “Ted” Turner II, took Courageous out for sail and defended the America’s Cup. (Today I’m not sure if I would trust Ted with a plastic toy boat in the bathtub.)

Now founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation, Larry Ellison, is living the victory. After 15 years the America’s Cup trophy is headed back to America where it will be displayed at the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

I hope that Mr. Ellison and the city of San Francisco would see the benefits of hosting the next Cup on our shores.

Larry’s Office

COP “I’ll break your arm like a twig”

Illegal to skateboard in San Francisco?


Never mind that this cops understanding of the law is way outdated, try 6 years old. It is a matter of fact, Skateboarding is allowed in all those places he claims it is not. Read for yourself, the only provision in the county code when Skating isn’t allowed:

San Francisco City and County law

“a) Prohibits skateboarding on any city street at any time, on any sidewalk in any business district at any time, and on any non-business district sidewalk commencing 30 minutes after sunset and ending 30 minutes before sunrise (Traffic Code, Section 100)”

Snipped from the Supes Legislative analysts memo from 2003.

Skateboarding is only illegal at NIGHT. This kid looks to be right, this cop is acting like a fucking dick. I mean fer chrissakes we even have a SF Skateboarding Task Force (PDF)!

Former SJ Merc sportswriter Ann Killion goes solo

Former San Jose Mercury News sportswriter Ann Killion, who left the newspaper at the end of July, now has her own sports blog at You can also follow her on twitter @annkillion.

I would say her blog needs more frequent updates — the most recent post is 5 days old — but I think anybody who loses a job they’ve had for more than 20 years is entitled to some time for readjustment. I love her writing, so here’s hoping for more of it.

More bicycle racing this weekend: SF Twilight Criterium

If you thought last week’s Giro di San Francisco was it for bicycle racing in the city for the summer, make way for the San Francisco Twilight Criterium, an event taking place early Saturday in the Cow Hollow neighborhood.

A cycling “criterium” event is defined by USA Cycling as a multi-lap race on a closed course lasting one to two hours. In San Francisco, they’ll be making a 1 km loop around Union, Fillmore, Greenwich and Buchanan Streets. That includes the fancy part of Union St.

Streets in the area will be closed from 2:00 pm that day. Parking will be available at Marina Middle School, with the $10 parking fee benefiting school programs.

Photo copyright Lily Trevisanut, used by permission.

Labor Day, unlabored

Sunbathers in Dolores Park in May. Flickr photo by Operators are standing by

It’ll be a hot one today, ladies and gentlemen, and hotter tomorrow, due to that late-summer east-wind thing. In the worst case, wildfires will destroy several thousand acres in the East Bay. In the best case, the only burning will be in Dolores Park — sunburning, that is.

If you’d rather get sunburned standing up than lying down, there’s bicycle racing in town today as the Giro di San Francisco (which is Italian for “Tour de San Francisco”) goes until 4:00 pm. The race’s epicenter is Levi’s Plaza.

A Day At the Park – Pic

An amazing day at the park last week, been offline for a few days, otherwise I would have had this up sooner. Nice to see the Giants on a tear for a change. In this shot Aaron Rowand is attempting to pwn John Maine. Enjoy!

Re-indicted, and it’s understood

bondsmooninite_75.jpgIn November, Barry Bonds was indicted for lying to a grand jury; in February, a judge sent prosecutors back to try again, saying the original indictment was too vague or something. Today, the feds took their second at-bat, unveiling a new indictment charging the former player with 15 felony counts including obstruction of justice.

Meanwhile, the team is six or seven games under .500, but the atmosphere at the ballpark is curiously relieved, and balls hit to left field, which speedy Fred Lewis patrols nowadays, no longer drop unmolested.

SF Giants Heritage Nights

Filipino Heritage Night

The San Francisco Giants have started to host Heritage Nights, bringing a taste of ethnic culture to a few special nights of baseball. Heritage Nights include pre-game and in-game cultural entertainment, and a commemorative t-shirt.

Upcoming Dates:

  • 5/09 Mexican Heritage Night
  • 5/12 Chinese Heritage Night
  • 5/13 Korean Heritage Night
  • 5/14 Filipino Heritage Night (pictured)
  • 5/16 Japanese Heritage Night

Later this summer, the Giants will host Irish, Italian, African-American, Jewish and Latino Heritage nights!

For more info, check the Giants’ special event calendar.

Shark Kills SF Resident

According to a SF resident was killed in Mexico late yesterday by a GrayTiger Shark Attack. Somewhere in the vicinity of Acapulco/Ixtapa region. The attack itself was another bite and release it seems and the man bled to death from the wounds. Sincere condolences to the family.

h/t to Surfpulse.

UPDATE: The name of the victim was released this morning, Adrian Ruiz. A well liked bartender with stints at Holy Cow, The Blue Light and Nova. More details as they come. Sad day for his family and surfers in SF.


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