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Extra-Action Flag Team seeks worthy souls

An opportunity like this doesn’t come around often…

San Francisco’s only marching band that matters is looking for “flag team” members. You don’t need to play a tuba, or memorize complex musical charts… you just need to move & groove with some distinctly discernible enthusiasm…

The pay is apparently low to non-existent, but according to their fearless leaders:

rewards are vastly beyond logic and defy description

There’s a video clip i made awhile back of this internationally feared musical attack unit in case yer unfamiliar with their antics after the jump…
If after watching that, you think you might be able to contribute, or just want to see a more recent video …

see ya on the other side…

Peaceful scene

Among the many politically or culturally oriented murals in the Mission District is this lovely piece on a house on Alabama St.

Search Flickr for murals in San Francisco.

RenFest wrap-up

difficult front fastening You would think that a medieval person would stick out at a fair about the Renaissance. Thing is, it wasn’t about the Renaissance- it was about Harry Potter, LOTR, wikkens, pagans, tribal folks, burners, and… yes, about every social subgroup remotely having to do with period costume. So I fit right in, because as long as you’re friendly and not dressed in Tivas and shorts, you’re “fair folk.”

We were asked to work there about 5 times.

Crafty Dorkitude: Renaissance Fest

This weekend in Golden Gate Park, the Renaissance Festival will be here- at Speeway, in all of its fantasy world of dungeons & dragons, seriously nostalgic, heraldic glory (photos here)

As I decided to go earlier this week, I realized that I could no longer make fun of burners (fond name for Burning Man attendees, which occurs at the same time in Nevada.) yes- days of playa hatin’ are gone now. though I still am collecting bad BM stories if you have ’em.

I was at the Chinatown fabric shop*- Fabric Depot on Stockton right before the tunnel- talking to the owner about fairs coming through town and whether anyone had been here stocking up on naturally dyed linens and leathers. “The Dickens fair was big. Lots of stuff for that.” He told me. He was impressed that I was going to try to make a dress without buttons. I wanted to be “faire legal”- despite being a newbie. Buttons aside, can we keep the Nanos & Crackberries at home?

I’m hoping the Renn Fest is Zeitgeist in costume. We can always dream.

* Making an 8-panel dress out of sky blue muslin from a historically Greenland pattern that was found in a dig. It’s easy but the shoulders are hard. “gates of hell” bodice.

Friday Night Music Wrap Up

Tonight, The SF Bay Guardian hosts it’s annual & free “Best Of The Bay” party at the revamped DeYoung museum in Golden Gate Park. Could be a good chance for automotive enthusiasts to try out Warren Hellman’s multi-million dollar parking garage, and mingle with Bruce Brugmann, who for some reason I doubt does much bicycling (details after the jump) …

Other events going on around town tonight include:

A jumpin’ Project Ahimsa fun-raiser benefit at 111 Minna with DJ J.Rocc, that’s free if you RSVP here before 8 pm tonight.

It’s KUSF’s B-Day tonight at Bimbo’s on Columbus where those New Wave hot Dog Eater’s from New Jersey known as Yo La Tengo perform.

Jimmy from The Barfeeders’ wild post-wedding party at Thee Parkside on 17th St is featuring TRICLOPS! and possibly a mysterious group of ex-Golden Gate Park denizens known as Three Weeks Clean.

Details on Guardian Free Party @ DeYoung after the jump…

Choose Your Own Adventure in the Mission

I haven’t had a chance to go explor ethis, but I desperately want to. I love the idea of sidewalk stencil graffiti telling a story, especially a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style story with branching plotlines and dead ends. It’s a story writ in physical space, literalizing the text.

I would love to see more stories scribed across the andscape, turning our streets to palimpsest.

From Flickr:

The mission stencil story is an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure story that takes place on the sidewalks of the Mission district in San Francisco. It is told in a new medium of storytelling that uses spraypainted stencils connected to each other by arrows. The streetscape is used as sort of an illustration to accompany each piece of text.

Its a love story with 2 characters who start in different locations. His story starts at 16th and Valencia, in front of the Crown Hotel / Limon Restaurant with the text “He Leaves his Lonely Apartment.” Her story starts at 21st and Guerrero in front of a stunning mansion with the text, “She Leaves her Lonely Apartment.” Eventually their paths merge, at the point where they meet, and their paths travel together until drama pulls them apart.

Their are two possible endings, happy and tragic, and two other points where the story can end unexpectedly if the viewer chooses the wrong ending. All in all, there are 4 possible endings.

Seen here.

Playing With Propane

FIre Festival 2007
Stopped by the Crucible’s Fire Art Festival under the maze in Oakland. These are three stilt walkers passing in front of the back of a big fire dragon. The Crucible is a workshop where you can take classes on pouring glass to beadwork. This festival seemed, from behind the fences, to center mostly on the fire work- and yes, it was really Burning Man-esque, though many porta potties abounded.

I arrived five minutes after they sold out, so my friend and I toured the entire block from behind the fence. In the words of my friend “close as I want to be to some of these flames.” Some video and more photos after the jump.

Pissing in the grass, alas

My favorite Bay to Breakers moment this year was on Van Ness and Hayes, as the race crossed Van Ness Avenue (above). My path crossed that of the race about 9:40 a.m. — I was on my way to Herbst Theater for a graduation ceremony.

By that time the “race” was mostly made up of costumed revelers walking along with cups of beer. Drunken sorority girls were scampering up to the San Francisco Unified School District HQ building on the corner, because there is a strip of grass and some hedges in front of the building, and relieving themselves behind the hedges. As I walked by, a few girls sprinted up and one cried “Fuck it, I don’t need to go behind the bushes!”

Poetry Room at City Lights

Kerouac Alley First- went to the art fair in Kerouac Alley. This is the street between Vesuvius’ and City Lights, Broadway and Grant St. The art was OK- the band was good. It’s an incredibly short alley so not quite a block fair like Union Street. The best bit of that area- besides the cool new alley art– is found if you head into City Lights, go to their old Poetry Room which is now a stairway up to their new Poetry Room.

It’s incredibly quiet up there now that the alley is closed off to traffic. Two chairs sit below two windows, and you can enjoy the latest poetry favorites. It was Emily Dickinson for me, but then again it usually is. Paul Madonna of All Over Coffee read there recently and they have his books displayed. His cartoons remind me of blogs that I like- the powerlines, the overheard conversations, stuff like that.
City Lights

Soul & Sorcery at the center

When you think of Harry Potter, what comes to mind? Muggles? Mudbloods? Magic? Mischief managed? Man on man action? At the center on Saturday night, I had my understanding of Harry Potter expanded somewhat.

Hogwart’s Express: the musical is a retelling and reworking of the Harry Potter story with dance numbers, lip-synching and adorable actors in drag. It tells the story of Harry, Ron and Hermione getting accepted to Hogwarts, and making the journey there. At Hogwarts Harry falls deeply in love with a confused Ron and battle Draco Malfoy for his affections. Meanwhile, they form the Hogwart’s Gay-Straight alliance and engage in political issues. All the while the cast dances and lip synchs to songs like “Magic” (from Xanadu), “Wind Beneath My Wings,” or “Lean On Me.”

I laughed and cheered throughout the entire performance. Check their MySpace page for upcoming shows, or check out this brief clip on YouTube if you’re curious.

The second show of the night was Micia Mosely’s “Soul Selections,” which was her one-woman show (with outstanding audience participation) about African-American Lesbian speed-dating. Micia plays herself as the host, but also her three friends that she is testing the idea of speed dating out with. Audience volunteers come up on stage and go on very publc dates with these characters.

The audience also had a chance to write first-date questions for the volunteers to ask. The first question of the night set the scene perfectly: Micia was playing Ziggy, a very academic woman who is too much in her own head and examines every problem in terms of it’s socio-cultural significance. The audience volunteer (who was lovely, but I can’t for the life of me remember her name) drew a question from the pile of slips the audience has contributed and asked: “When was the last time you fisted someone?”

The entire audience leaned forward and shock and errupted in laughter. And we kept laughing and hooting and clapping until the very end of the brilliantly insightful show.

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