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Pumpkin Rising

Talk about a bad moon rising. I guess when you have a giant inflatable, illuminated pumpkin laying around, you HAVE to display it.

location: California & Franklin

Funny Neighborhood Names


Do you have a funny name for your hood? It’s compulsive for me, wordplay, that is. So Kathy (a writer here) has the funniest, and I’ll cop it for a moment:

Lauridio: the neighborhood between- you guessed it- Laurel Heights and the Presidio. I am between Fisherman’s Wharf (fishy wharf) and North Beach (nobe – pronounced “no, B!”). When I first moved to Nobe, I tried to be even more location-specific, and nickname it “Fisherman’s Bharf” a juvenile play on how the tourists from Fishy Wharf end up losing their lunch nearby. But to be honest, absolutely nobody likes that name. Instead I’ve slowly started to call it “North Fishy”. “The Village” – another attempt at the cutesy part of North Beach, that was embraced by nobody so I’ve slowly adopted what other folks call it… Nobe.
Tel-Hi: Didn’t know Telegraph Hill had a name until I saw the banners on the street.
Russian Hill: Can’t… figure… one… out.
Nopa: North Panhandle. Kind of reminds me of Soma, which has been thoroughly embraced by everyone, even the Chron style guide.
Chi-town: Chinatown.
Oak-town: Oakland.
Berkeley Flats: the 4th street area. (from AmyB)
Intermission: Inner mission district, near haight/hayes/mint hill (copped from CliffS)
Minty Hill: That part between hayes and haight, near the New (vs. old) mint (copped from Aaron)
Pot Hill: Potrero. Not embraced by anyone but me. Prove me otherwise! (copped from PSB)
Random anecdote:
Walking around with south bay (soba) brother-in-law, and he keeps asking, “What’s this neighborhood?” my reply: “Pac Heights.” He’s like, no no no, it’s something else. A week later he calls me. “It’s PACIFIC Heights, Anna.”
TenderNob (or NobLoin): that also just got into the Chron last weekend.
Clayket: Upper Castro and Market, “where the magic bus turns” (thanks NancyP)
Underneath the Bay Bridge: “in a box?” haha – thanks tharpo.
What are your funny names for local neighborhoods? You’re not that juvenile?

Searching for the perfect croissant, finding chocolate

bbbsmall.JPGI decided to take a day off from work last week, just because. So what do I do with my day? After sleeping in, eat of course. I have been having croissant cravings lately, so I did some research on Yelp for good bakeries in the city and printed out my map, planning to hit up as many as I could in one day. Well, the best laid plans…


Moseley’s thing with the snow and the gravity and Fillmore Avenue, you know what I’m talking about, right? Mr. Jennings has some pictures.

Go Jonny Go – ICER AIR 2005!

Happy Belated Birthday


Icer Air 2005 – Put On Ice!

Olympic medalist (and local guy

Asian Heritage Street Fair

From the roommate comes news of the Asian Heritage Street Fair this Sunday:

Asian Heritage Street Fair
Sunday, May 22 @ 11 AM-6 PM
Japantown (Post between Laguna & Fillmore), San Francisco

Make your plans to attend the 1st Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration

Fleeting SF momentos #101

Last night, I went to see Princess of Mount Ledang at the Kabuki theater as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival. Me and my beau got on the train at the Embarcadero, transferred to the 22 Fillmore on Church St., and made our way up to Japantown. On our way up, we passed by hippie-borne stores, shops selling neon signs, Asian restaurants, and all manner of cafes and coffee shops.

We made it to the theater just on time, and we watched the movie (which was quite splendid — a review will be coming up shortly). I was suddenly struck by the incredible multicultural-ness of this city, and how even though I was miles away from Asia, I still felt like I was close to home. This hit even closer when after the movie was over, there was a brief Q & A with the director, and I suddenly found myself in the midst of other Malaysians in the audience. How bizarre is this, and how awesome, that we could all converge in the same space just because there was this movie that was from our home country. It was like a strange impromptu reunion, like a return home sans expensive flight ticket.

After mingling around with them for awhile, we made our way home. Before getting on the last train, we stopped by the 24 hour Safeway on Church and Market and got ourselves some last-minute eats (yet another awesome part about living in the city). All in all, it was quite a typical San Franciscan evening — a mingling of cultures, a celebration of urban life, and a strange sense of home. At least for me anyway.

SFIFF ’05: Malaysian edition


As Robin Jean pointed out a week or so ago, the 48th San Francisco International Film Festival is in full swing from April 21st to May 5th. Some of you may be overwhelmed by the movie choices this year, so allow me to recommend a few movies that hail from a rather underrepresented country in international cinema — Malaysia. Note that I am extremely biased because this is also the same country where I was born and raised.

There are not one, not two, but a total of five movies from Malaysia at this year’s festival — quite a record in my book. And I plan to be at all of them. Here’s a listing of all the Malaysian movies this year, complete with date, time, and location, after the jump. I particularly recommend Princess of Mount Ledang and Split Screen: Two Films by Amir Muhammad. No need to thank me, really.

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