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Just another day in paradise

From the Craigslist Rants and Raves section, just today:


You humans are so weak, with your stupid rants. You think you so mighty! go fight a rhino or elephant! You all should leave this planet! Go to Saturn!

Nonprofit of the day: Friends of the Urban Forest

There are more than a dozen trees on my block now; when I bought my house, on the edge of Bernal Heights a few doors from Cesar Chavez St., there were only three. Each of those trees was put in for free, planted by volunteers from Friends of the Urban Forest, a San Francisco nonprofit that’s planted tens of thousands of trees on San Francisco streets since its start in 1981. You can see a gallery of San Francisco street trees on their website, which also links to a map of city flora. The Chronicle did an article on the tree map recently.

Not only will they come and plant a tree in front of your house for free, they’ll maintain it for free, replace old trees which have lived out their lives, and employ young people while they’re at it. They involve neighbors and homeowners in their Saturday planting days, because when people help plant the tree in front of their house, they’re more likely to care for it. I love the two trees in front of my house, each now more than ten years old.

They’re planting in Noe Valley this coming Saturday. Contact them and help out.

Noe Valley’s Bell Market closing Sunday

The Bell Market in Noe Valley is set to close at 4:00 pm on Sunday, Feb. 15, according to signs posted on the store. I went in there last night to buy some baby food (for the cat — I don’t have any babies) and they were totally out of what I wanted. A look around the store revealed that many shelves were already bare, with empty banana cartons lining the empty bottom shelves.

Curbed SF has been saying that Whole Foods is taking over the location. Their most recent post on the matter says the location is expected to open in the fall, leaving more than six months for renovation to take place.

Ten years of hair

supercuts.jpgCongrats to Bing Du (r.) and the staff at the Supercuts on 24th St. in Noe Valley, celebrating their 10th anniversary today. I got my hair cut there this morning and they quietly mentioned it, so I took a picture. Stop in and say hello.

Early on Saturday’s a good time to go. It gets pretty busy later in the morning, with fathers taking their sons in for haircuts.

It’s not just any Supercuts. They won SF Weekly’s Best Cheap Haircut Award in 2006.

Botched ATM Heist

I was on my way to Peasant Pies and saw this at the corner of Diamond and 24th in Noe Valley. I’ll bet it was really bright (as in light, not smart) for the people in the nearby residences. Whoever did this wasn’t terribly good with a torch. The safe is still inside it, intact. More pics after the jump.

Shopping Local: Noe Valley

photo credit: Mathew Spolin.

So almost 50% into my gift purchasing, I realized Noe Valley would solve about 4 of my outstanding presents. First, hit downtown to check out Jeffrey’s Toys (open until 8!). Decided not to buy right away and compare the toys there to The Ark in Noe Valley. I had also planned to hit a music store, the kind that sell instruments. Weird: SF only has about 3 music stores, if you want something other than guitars. Lately the East Bay has been winning out on my shopping requests. Cheap discount craft store? Colma, or Emeryville. Music Stores? The peninsula, or East Bay. I think it’s because mostly kids have to buy instruments, and we just don’t have a lot of school age kids in this town, enough at least to merit a music store.

The guy working there- Noe Valley Music on 24th Street– was practically kissing my feet for buying an instrument and a music book! I have to say- if you are stumped with someone on your gift list- instruments are a great idea. Get something easy to play, or something that your giftee used to play. Mom bought a small guitar the other day and it’s the funnest thing in the world.

Free opera in Dolores Park

Opera in the parkThe San Francsico Opera is having a free concert in Dolores Park this Saturday at 2 PM.

I am excited for three reason: First, it’s free, and we all love free. Second, it is outside, and we all love being outside. And third, this isn’t a full-fledged opera, but rather a concert. I like this because it means they’ll just sing the pretty songs and we don’t have to wait through all of the singing-talking story part of the opera to hear them. Plus, you’ll get to hear songs from different operas.

Bring blankets and low chairs, but don’t bother with food. They are making you buy it there.

Was it something we said, Miss Millie?

I just don’t understand. Wasn’t there a line out the door every single weekend brunch? Didn’t you have enough adulation in Noe Valley? You know how much we adored you. Was it something we said? I never heard anyone say anything bad about you, not once. You must have heard me talking about you, Miss Millie. Remember what I said? There was that one morning we were waiting in line, and my friends and I struck up a conversation with that one couple about the neighborhood and the wait we were experiencing, the weather that had just turned rainy and how I, from the midwest, and one of the shes, from New England, couldn’t possibly complain given the alternatives. And then they asked me if all this waiting was worth it, and I told them that someone must have saw the need for a restaurant where you go in, you sit down, order your food, take that first bite, and then forget that anything bad ever happened to you.

I don’t hand out compliments like that lightly, Miss Millie. That was meant for you and you alone. And I doubt that I’m the only one that ever felt that way about you. But you’ve left us. You’ve left us for Rockridge. I hope it wasn’t us, Miss Millie. And I hope everything’s alright. We’ll come visit you over in the east bay. And please don’t stop making that curried tofu scramble, that would break my heart.

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