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New York Times, Meet Paxton Gate

0713-tra-websurfacingmap.gifI always get a little nervous when I see San Francisco listed on the front page of the Sunday New York Times travel section. A haute restaurant here, a travel deal there: frequently their writing about places outside of the greater New York area seems to have an air of superiority. When I was in Chicago they ran a piece about Wicker Park that seemed condescending (to the effect of “Look at these funky people who live here! How quaint.”)

Yesterday’s piece on Valencia Street, “Hipster Hunting Ground,” wasn’t quite as offensive, but it still seemed to view the Corridor through a Brooklyn lens. The Curiosity Shoppe, Paxton Gate, Spork, and Ritual Roasters were all featured, and fairly. I was surprised, however, that Dosa was featured while Range didn’t get a mention; the same for Little Star (maybe I’m just a sucker for the jukebox and heirloom tomatoes). The piece, while limited in length, doesn’t capture the neighborhood’s character and even gets lazy toward the end: “Like the street itself, [Amnesia’s] lineup is full of surprises.”

15 Gallons of Blood

Ask yourself:

1) Do I LOVE Zombies?
2) Would I like to support local filmmakers?
3) Do I absolutely NEED to see a movie where a free puke bag is handed out?

IF you answered yes, Yes, YES!!! Then please proceed to the Victoria Theater at 16th and Mission for a limited theater release of RETARDEAD!

Retardead the Movie

Retardead is a sequel to the heart-warming “Monsturd”. This movie has everything: an evil doctor, some mentally and mortally-challenged flesheaters, and the sexy Living Dead Girlz.

As I mentioned, they are handing out a limited amount of puke bags, which you may actually need in a few parts.

Last night they had a question and answer after the show.

When I asked how much blood was used, they said about 15 gallons. Now that’s art!

Local ping-pong for coffee farmers

Two of my favorite things are set to convene this Wednesday: Ritual Roasters and Bikes to Rwanda, a non-profit that unites American roasters to improve the quality of life for Rwandan coffee farmers. A ping-pong tournament is set for July 9th at 5 PM at 1026 Valencia to help build five bike shops. Read: the $25 you could spend this week on big brand coffee could provide a co-op farmer with a bike toolset, including tire lever, frame pump, and wrench.

I’m a big fan of Clara Seasholtz, the founder of the organization that raises money for a low-cost bicycles that farmers use to transport supplies and 130-pound bags of beans. Seasholtz helped the group provide more than 250 bikes to farmers last year and is currently focusing on opening bike shops in Rwanda to teach communities how to care for and build bikes. She’s on a Northern California trip this week, and I admire her unique approach to using what she knows (the American coffee industry) to impact what she saw as problematic (Rwandan farmers lacking transportation to increase their marketability). Now that deserves some table tennis.

Some of us are not going anywhere for the holiday

With Independence Day on a Friday but gas prices bumping five dollars a gallon, we’re celebrating the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth close to home.

  • The first fireworks show is tonight at Pier 39.
  • The Mime Troupe’s newest musical satire making fun of conservatives, “Red State,” opens with a bang tomorrow in Dolores Park at 1:30 pm.
  • The Giants host the Dodgers in a three-game series at Big Phone Company Park.

    Fun for all. Spend ’em if you got ’em! And save water!

  • Upcoming art show at BellJar on 16th St.


    The three-month-old clothing and curios shop BellJar (don’t go too dark) in the Mission is hosting a show in two weeks with work by Jon Carling. The California College of the Arts grad’s ink drawings are imaginative, and, like the shop that’s hosting him, darkly romantic. You can preview his work on Etsy before the June 26 event at 3187 16th St. If it’s anything like the last one, champagne and beautiful tattoos will abound.

    Blam blam blam blam

    bullet hole in a car after a drive-by shootingI was sitting at my desk at noon today when I heard the all-too familiar sounds: rapid gunshots, then the squeal of tires as a car makes its getaway. Waited a few minutes, then went down to Cesar Chavez. Several cars were pulled over to the side, two of them with bullet holes like the one shown here. But I didn’t see anyone who was injured.

    A crowd gathered, many of them gesticulating as they described the incident over and over, and then police arrived, at least seven or eight minutes after the shots were fired.

    The only thing unusual about this incident was the time of day. Usually this kind of thing tends to happen more around 10 or 11 at night.

    The fog’s back


    The cool air returned to San Francisco last night. When I took this picture this morning about 8:00 a.m., fog masked the skyline and Twin Peaks, but a ray of sun illuminated the inner Mission District. Taken from Bernal Heights.

    Meanwhile, more than 100 fires were caused by lightning last night in counties north of the city, and inland areas still expect 100-degree temperatures, though cooling is expected to help firefighters in Napa and Solano counties.

    New College set to close

    New College of California building, by Steve RhodesNew College of California, a 37-year-old alternative school in the Mission District that offered undergraduate degrees as well as graduate degrees in psychology and law, will close its doors for good tomorrow after graduating its final class.

    The school was stripped five months ago of its accreditation and hasn’t paid its staff since November. Professors volunteered their services to finish the school year for the students who didn’t transfer to other local schools such as John F. Kennedy Univeristy in the East Bay.

    The future of the Roxie Theater, owned by the school since 2006, is in doubt. A New College graduate took over operation of the theater last year and is trying to put together the funds to purchase it, the Examiner reported.

    Flickr photo by Steve Rhodes

    Live Painting, Live Fashion

    This Sunday in the Mission, a designer co-op (the Mission Statement) hosts a block party in the Mission- local businesses show their clothes & beats & breakdancing. Sounds very cool. Beforehand trot over to Fabric8 on 22nd and check out the mural done by Brian Barneclo, and he’s also doing live painting.

    Briefly: Sunday, from 3-7PM, The Mission Statement celebrates its opening with their First Annual Fashion Show & Block Party on Lexington Street between 18th and 19th Streets.

    Lengthily: It’s a fashion show featuring clothing and jewelry by local designers such as Yugala (formerly of AMS and Saffron), Minnie Wilde, Zoe Bikini, and Honey McMoney (formerly Phobos & Deimos and University of Fuck). There will also be a performance by SFC Double Dutch, spoken word by Anthem Salgado & Kentura, and music by local DJs.
    details after ze jump

    Be in a real Rock Band…

    School’s out, summer is around the corner. It’s time to get out there and do some of that stuff you’ve been putting off for months.

    Remember January 1st and that list you made?

    A) Get handle on finances
    B) Go to the gym
    C) Take up a new hobby

    Well, no one is going to make you hit that gym any harder, but if you want to pick up a new hobby for a price that won’t hurt your finances, you should try the San Francisco Community Music Center!

    CMC offers a sliding scale pay rate and even some work exchange for dedicated students. They offer a wide range of music lessons and even have rental equipment available. And if that wasn’t enough, they even offer VERY cheap practice space rental, WITH pianos!

    There are two beautiful locations in the city: Richmond district, and the Mission district. Both are large houses, surrounded by gardens and trees. There are MUNI bus lines within a block of both locations.

    After a few weeks paying a fraction of the usual cost for music lessons with talented professionals, you can even take part in a concert.

    San Francisco Community Music Center

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