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Curb Hooks?

Curb Hook?

Anyone know what these metal hooks embedded in the curb are for? I saw these last week on Rose St. in Hayes Valley. The were all along the street, approximate 8 feet between each of them.

For tying up your horse, perhaps?

Loving is as loving does

This morning I saw this near this.

The Hayes Gal (or, Crime or Miss Demeanor?)
There’s a lot to be said for living in a city that boasts 5+ art schools. Add to that a bunch of hacks like me, and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of art spillage-over. Now, I’m not jumping into the fray of Graffiti: Art or Crime? because I admit my view of it is slanted – if I like it, it’s art. If it’s over my property, it’s crime. Now isn’t that (conveniently) simple?

That said, I do seek out the good stuff. And there is a lot of it. My current favorite is a little 2-color stenciled beauty that is gracing many street corners around Hayes Valley. I call her the Hayes Gal. She’s saucy.


absinthe-glass.jpg Last night, Lauren and I went to Absinthe for a quick postprandial drink before she had to head back to San Jose (don’t worry, she was quite sober before she headed out). We discussed blogging, and I said that one of us should write the place up, so here we are.

The bartenders at Absinthe are dedicated to the art of the cocktail–they love them, and they make them wonderfully. Lauren’s selection, the Mujer Verde, is shown to the right: Hendrick’s gin, lemon-lime juice, simple syrup, and “a dash of Green and Yellow Chartreuse.” The overall effect was almost savory, a bit like coriander. I had a Vesper, the drink that James Bond famously ordered “shaken, not stirred” in Casino Royale. It was good, but I think I prefer the all-gin martini. Next time I go to Absinthe, however, I’m going for something a little more distinctive. An easy order to fill for them, as they have a very long list of house cocktails with names like Brazil 66, Daedalus, and the 21 Hayes (“concocted by Dr. Schwartz to provide relief to those arriving at our door by way of San Francisco’s Municipal Railway”). Check it out next time you’re in Hayes Valley.

Your love is all I think about


I saw this on the sidewalk in Hayes Valley this morning.

Near Octavia at Hayes

Best Bars: Sugar Lounge

bestbars_logo_sm.gifI discovered Sugar (yelp, dodgeball) last New Year’s Eve while walking around Hayes Valley with some friends and no particular plan. We quickly discovered its defining attribute: Sugar is v e r y   c h i l l. In fact, it was so chill that the DJ refused to do a countdown, instead leaving the four or five groups in the bar to do their own, independently. So perhaps it wasn’t the best place for a wild-and-crazy New Year’s celebration, but if you need to decompress from other wild-and-crazy things, or just to go to a cool bar where you can talk with friends, this is the place. Most of the specialty martinis and cocktails are very good, and the DJ stops the atmosphere from becoming too dead (but also doesn’t shout down everyone in the room with the music). After the jump, pictures from my trip there this Wednesday.



Just a glimpse of a church

When I was driving home Saturday evening, I thought that the sunlight hitting the church was so pretty that I leaned out of my car to take a quick picture while the light was red.

Curious about the church, I poked around online and found that it is named Sacred Heart. But the more I read, the more interesting the story got.

The church was built in 1898. It survived the 1906 earthquake, and so it provided food and shelter to the homeless. Then it had some minor damage in the 1989 earthquake. Because the congregation had grown so small over the years, the Catholic church decided not to retrofit the building. They closed the parish and planned on selling it to housing developers. For a while, it looked like the church might be demolished. Then last year, the owner of Chalk Hill winery bought the church. The church is now part of Sacred Heart’s school, renamed Megan Furth Academy.

And here I thought it was just another church.

Free Comic Book Day – Tomorrow

fcbd06.gifWhat better way to nurse that Cinco de Mayo hangover… Yes, while Free Comic Book Day is a nation thing, I plan on heading down to my favorite neighborhood comic book shop, Isotope, to checkout what might be on offer – both for free and on sale. James Sime, proprietor and self-professed “Comic Pimp” is one colorful and enthusiastic character (which you will instantly discover on your own). There is practically always in interesting crowd hanging out most early evenings, whether witnessing an all-girl Japanese electronic pop group take over the tiny mini-balcony above or just chatting it up while thumbing through the newest issue releases. It’s a place definitely worthy of repeated visits. And if you can’t make it down to the store, checkout Mr. Sime’s weekly “Comic Pimp” column.

Guinness at Babies


Guinness the adorable Daschund nestled in some doggy clothes at my favorite pet store in the city: Babies, where not only do they sell the best pet stuff in San Francisco with the least attitude, they also don’t mind if you make photos in the shop (which is sure-fire way to my heart). If you live in San Francisco and have a 4-legged friend, give them a look. They’re in Hayes Valley (235 Gough Street). Tell Guinness I said hi.

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