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Free Wi-Fi Plan Likely Too Costly For Broke Earthlink

While proponents of a locally owned & operated free wi-fi system may rejoice at the news, the story that Earthlink is shuttering it’s SF offices can’t be good news for those, including the mayor, awaiting the advancement of Earthlink’s SF wi-fi proposal.

900 employees are being laid off nationwide, and the struggling ISP founded by Scientologist Sky Dayton ( now with Helio) in Southern California a decade ago has been hemorrhaging cash for awhile, and recently appointed a new CEO this summer.

Among those let go is exec Don Berryman, the head of EarthLink’s municipal Wi-Fi initiative for the last two years since it’s inception, and the company apparently has no plans to replace him. Even if Earthlink’s SF WiFi commitment is solid, it still faces uncertain approval from the notoriously suspicious SF board of supervisors.

more on Earthlink’s woes after the jump


While perusing locally made websites, one cannot help but stop and be sucked in by the homemade security cam style footage posted at the blog that basically documents what living at 34 6th St at The Seneca Hotel, under the auspices of the “non-profit” landlord Tenderloin Housing Clinic is like.

Let more You Tubing & ranting begin after the jump…

Golden Gate Bridge Vanishes… Tourist Reaction Mixed

In a sign that city hall has not forgotten that it’s the city that knows how…the mayor’s office has announced continuation of it’s unique joint venture pact with the Golden Gate Bridge District to continue the ever popular disappearing bridge magic show routine through the rest of the summer.

Tourists are indeed often amazed to find that after they’ve traveled thousands of miles to get here, and left the sunny Union Square or Wharf areas and made the trek up Doyle Drive, there’s no “there” there. The bridge daily holds it’s fans in awe as it vanishes mysteriously.

The Mayor’s office was quick to take credit for the “Phenomenon”. To almost no surprise Chris Daly showed up & took control of the the mic to completely disagree and call the mayor a “dick”. Daly then took credit for whatever it was people liked about the “Phenomenon”, and mentioned that he had actually probably suggested it first.

According to some insiders that only Matier & Ross know the identity of, the magic wall of “Advection fog” is formed by the mingling of humid air & chilly sea currents which has been until recently provided free of charge to taxpayers. Jake McGoldrick has suggested revenues collected in the future from users of the “Phenomenon” could create much needed “Healthy” bike paths that would dart wildly and creatively across the heavy traffic at the tollbooth. Supervisor Alioto-Pier was absent and could not comment.

Click Pic For Enlarged View:
Golden Gate Bridge dissappears daily on Doyle Drive

More Fantastic Rambling Notes On This Phenomenon After “the Jump”…

Weekend Whatnot – Faux Proms, Festivals & F&%kin Parkerzalooza

As the heat kicks up, looks like the city will be alive with thirsty folks all day & night this weekend, from North Beach to the Mission, SOMA and beyond, there’s plenty of options…

From the North Beach festival’s entertainment lineup to, the full skinny on Parkerzalooza @ 12 Galaxies, it’s in here…

First here’s a few rock n rolling events Friday night where ya may find liveliness & libations ( even more events from between now & Sunday’s fade posted after the jump, with some additional mp3 samples & pix) …

Friday Night June 14th :

Looks like a member of the zydeco’s first family is in town, that being CJ Chenier at Biscuits & Blues supporting his latest release “The Desperate Kingdom of Love” on World Village Records, a post-Katrina followup to his acclaimed Alligator records release Step It Up. This new release is a unique exercise from the normally jubiliant southern accordian player, as he explores some more sorrowful styles including fitting covers of Hank Williams, Van Morrison and even the title track originally done by PJ Harvey.

Chenier is a well respected live act, who’s got plenty of experience performing not only as a solo act, but on tour with Paul Simon, as well as his legendary father, and before that in the late 70’s jazz funk group Hot Ice. When pop Clifton died in 1987, C.J inherited the band and accordian and has taken the rightful zydeco throne while adding some bluesy bluster. His records on the Arhoolie, Slash & Alligator labels have cemented a reputation at festivals around the world including large scale events like The Chicago Blues Festival, Austin’s SxSW, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, etc where he’s entertained many tens of thousands at a time.

If down home bayou bred danceable & desperate Acadian music ain’t yer thing, consider heading down to the Great American Music Hall for a more metalloid & bizarre affair…

The Great American Music hall will reverberate Friday with the sinister sounds of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, the Bay Area based band that isn’t afraid to take a female violinist along for the ride into a devilish thrash metal netherworld. These theatrical pros take audiences through the dramatic dungeons of twisted meter and emerge with an omnipotent math rock successor to the typically warped crown of thorny musical hellscapes…

mp3 samples of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, C.J Chenier, Parkerzalooza headliners Earthless, Hank IV and more after the jump (and the lineup this weekend at the annual North Beach Festival, info about The Prom being held at The Knockout on Saturday, etc):

Supervisor Ed Jew’s home/office raided by Feds

City Hall blogger Luke Thomas at The Fog City Journal has reported this evening that the FBI raided first term District 4 supervisor and florist Edmund Jew’s home today, supposedly looking for evidence of cash transactions on his computer…

Jew is a relative newcomer to city politics, having mostly been preoccupied with running the Chinatown flower shop on Waverly Place his grandfather started over 80 years ago. His business made news awhile back when security cameras in front of his New Canton Flower shop recorded three youths assaulting a homeless man.

Although considered a conservative, and is a former vice president of the County Republican Council, he’s now claimed membership to the Democratic Party. He’s sided with the mayor and Sean Elsbernd on many issues, but shown some independence in his votes on the board. Within the past few weeks he’d voted No with Chris Daly against the Hunter’s Point Redevelopment & Stadium Project, No in a 9-1 vote against the city taking a loss on a PGA golf event at Harding Park, and No in a losing battle alongside Elsbernd to the idea spending $28 million of city money on affordable housing.

Jew’s mainly been known as an advocate for small business and is an advocate for Sunset neighborhood schools, and getting rid of the city wide “diversity index” particularly in the city’s westside which artificially creates percentage based standards for ethnicity/race in school populations. He alos serves on the board of the Chinese holocaust Museum.

His most controversial issue lately though has been somehow making a few calls to the Mayor, and getting the repaving of Noreiga St moved up a year or two, which did not go unnoticed in city political circles.

For more on Jew’s troubled situation as it develops at Fog City Journal

and SF Gate

SF Bio-Fuel user with new & now dead F-350… who is at fault?

Who knows what evil lurks behind this door?

Well it’s actually the semi- clandestine HQ of the SF Bio-Fuels Cooperative, who operate a membership only collective that dispenses from a garage in a SOMA alley. For one unfortunate Coop member, his greasy bio fuel experiment lead to a sticky situation…
photo from KQED Quest

In eco-concious San Francisco, where everyone wants to be greener and hipper than the next guy, a local man whose business is turning algae into fuel might have gone a bit too far, and now he’s out a new truck engine. Ford claims that the bio-diesel concoction he used likely gobbed up the fuel injectors, and thus by using a non-approved fuel ,the warranty was violated. The owner has suspicions Ford’s got problems it won’t admit… somebody call the lawyers! biofry.jpg

Said the owner, Peterson Conway, a member of the SF Bio-Fuels co-op, and according to the NY Times, an executive with the GreenFuel Technologies Corporation, “I supposedly blew up my brand new $55k truck, with just 200 miles on it, running B99. I say supposedly, because I can’t believe it was a fuel problem-but Ford is sticking me with $17k bill for a new engine (major labor required to remove cab etc..).”

Apparently though Ford has since backed down, with more info and links after the jump…

Sen John Kerry : at risk for CrackBerry Thumb?

My friend Cameron, was on a flight to SFO recently with his wife Mandy and son and was amazed to discover with his frequent flier miles upgrade he’d been seated next to fellow frequent flier Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. crackberry3.jpg

Cameron reports the Senator, for awhile was briskly reading “THEY MARCHED INTO SUNLIGHT: War and Peace Vietnam and America October 1967” by David Maraniss and then just like most people with a busy schedule, slept on the plane. Said Cam,

“He must have slept for over an hour and the whole time his mouth was opened wide. I didn’t detect any drool.”

Although Cam was careful not to bother the guy, or make annoying small talk, how the Senator occupied himself for the next three hours was even more interesting…

Jackie Speier to take gig at SF Law Firm

Jackie Speier, who narrowly survived the bloody Jonestown massacre as an aid to the late Rep. Leo Ryan, and ten years in Sacramento is taking her law degree out of mothballs and moving back into a legal career according to the legal newspaper Daily Journal.

The popular, but termed out state legislator who was defeated in a tight race for lieutenant governer against John Garamendi last year is reportedly accepting a job at Hanson, Bridgett, Marcus, Vlahos & Rudy and will be working in the firm’s public agency practice division under direction of fellow Hastings Law College grad Joan L Cassman.

This “public agency” law racket shouldn’t be much of a stretch for Speier who has spent decades navigating the political minefields of California politics first as a San Mateo county supervisor, then not only as an an Assemblywoman but also a State Senator. She must have some friends and knowledge at state agencies because Cal Train has even named a train after her…

pic from Wikipedia

Speier has also been in the midst of a promo push with more than a dozen Bay Area stops squeezed into April and May promoting her recently released autobiographical title “This Is Not The Life I Ordered” .

Where Are They Now File : Terence Hallinan

The first SF politician I ever met was Terence Hallinan back in the late 80’s… Actually I also used to run into fellow Supervisor Harry Britt at a liquor store on Haight St now & again, but he wasn’t really shaking hands, maybe just the late afternoon DT’s…

My Hallinan meeting was at a SOMA discotech on Harrison St called City Nights, where one could just as easily catch a set by The Ramones or a case of the clap. Hallinan’s rep as a fighter stems from his teenage years when his nickname was KAYO and an attempt to join the 1960 Olympic Boxing Team. His rep as a partier, includes a youthful arrest for beating up some Coast Guard recruits to steal a case of beer, and even being name dropped in a sordid episode he denies in Janis Joplin‘s autobiography.

March on a few years later and he ended up spending 7 years on the board of supes, and 8 unlikely years as the city’s District Attorney, a job that somehow suited a maverick fighting Irishman. Unafraid of controversy, Hallinan once pulled a similar trick to the Bush admin, firing 14 senior prosecutors, and posted a guard outside his office in fear of retaliation.

He lost a bitter re-election in 2003 against Kamala Harris, who talked about restoring “public integrity” while violating a voluntary campaign spending cap in the process. Anyhow, it ended his 15 year run of elected service, and Hallinan vowed to the media he’d be going into private legal practice with his son Brendan, and relished opportunity to get his life back.

Then for the past few years, w/ Fajitagates long gone by, and dog maulings a thing of the past, I heard hide nor hair of him again…

the rest of the spiel & where fighting Irishman Terence Hallinan spent his green St. Paddy’s… after the jump

SF gate blog shows Bush reading Penthouse?

In today’s entry in the PoliticsBlog on the SFGate website, Andrew Ross posted a long — and to some readers, chilling — entry on a Bush lunch for historian Andrew Roberts, including Roberts’ advice to the president to stay the course and, bizarrely, only rely on alliances with “English-speaking peoples.”

But what caught my attention were the first comments posted after the entry, including “I will assume that is a doctored photo of Bush. If so, shame on the Chron for using it. The President of the U.S. is only the most photographed man in the world — you couldn’t come up with a real picture?”

And: “Is it just me or does the reflection in his magazine look like the title “Penthouse”?

And finally, from Ross himself: “Offending photo has been replaced. Apologies to all.”

What the hell was that photo? Did anybody see it?

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