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‘Propaganda’ suggests Mixon is ‘greatest cop killer of all time,’ among other things

A posting on propagandapress.orgwhoever they are — about Lovelle Mixon, the Oakland parolee who gunned down four Oakland cops, includes a fake URL that suggests, among other things, that Mixon is the “greatest cop killer of all time” and is “getting his dick sucked by virgins” in some unspecified hereafter. Click the thumbnail for a full view. The URL is, of course, non-existent; the post explains that it was “was removed from the web for being too offensive to big.whitey.”


Cracking down on Shotwell Street

I posted before about the Shotwell Street Neighborhood Watch program in the Mission. Recently I was forwarded an email from Captain Tacchini of the Mission Police Station. I was very pleased to find out how much effort and resulting success they have had literally outside my door.

Greetings ,

I am sorry for the delay in my response to you, but I just returned from a
few days away. There is lots going on in your neighborhood from a police
perspective, all of it positive. We are concentrating on the prostitution,
traffic, drug, and gang issues with as many resources as we can muster.
Officers have made several good arrests in the surrounding area for street
robberies, narcotics, violent crimes and other offenses. In addition to
the many prostitution cases, we did a decoy operation yesterday in the area
where we utilize an undercover female officer. It worked very well and
resulted in several arrests. Over the past couple of days, arrests of
suspects for pimping and in possession of illegal weapons were made in the
area of 18th & Shotwell. There is more to discuss, but I prefer to do so
next week, so please bear with me.

Best Regards,

Captain Stephen Tacchini
Mission Police Station

Have you seen them?

The Wondercon sci-fi fan conference is finishing up at Moscone. Here are Flickr photos from the shindig, all of them seemingly “All Rights Reserved.”

The New York Times today has a feature on Google’s Marissa Mayer, “employee number 20” and first female engineer at the software candyland. Oh wait, it’s just another corporation, I keep forgetting.

A Chronicle editorial says one out of three “massage” establishments is a brothel. Really? Only one out of three? Geez, I’ll bet it’s a pain in the ass to work at the other two-thirds and have men coming in all the time with the wrong idea. Shouldn’t they have some sort of identifying sign that means “Not that kind of massage place, really”?

Want another headache? Sign Manny

As the Barry Bonds saga winds excruciatingly through the courts and Bonds himself ages on the shelf until his legal problems are finished, fans in both southern and northern California watch with appalled fascination the spectacle of the Manny Ramirez contract negotiations. On Thursday night the negotiations between the Dodgers, for whom Ramirez last played, and his agent exploded into public recriminations as accusatory emails flew back and forth. The more things like this happen, the more Giants ownership has to wonder, do they really want another headache like the one they had with Bonds?

Bonds’ trial was postponed indefinitely after his “friend” and former “trainer” Greg Anderson again refused to testify about what he knows about Bonds’ steroid use, which he allegedly facilitated. Anderson spent a year in jail on contempt charges already, and he might be headed for another spell if this keeps up. Yesterday on KNBR Ralph Barbieri and Tom Tolbert went on a hilarious riff about how the prisoners and guards at the Pleasanton federal lockup where Anderson vacations probably ask him for Bonds memorabilia and that the prison is likely festooned with Bonds signed balls, jerseys and posters.

The Black Rock: The African American Experience on Alcatraz

This Friday night the Red Vic hosts the San Francisco premiere of “The Black Rock”, a new film that explores the largely undocumented history of the African American prisoner experience on Alcatraz. Heralded local filmmaker Kevin Epps has shifted his documentary lens from previous subjects like life in Hunters Point, and the Bay’s Hip Hop underground, to life in SF’s notorious offshore federal lock up.

new Alcatraz film : The Black Rock

new Alcatraz film : The Black Rock

The film, presented in starkly haunting black & white, had it’s first public screening earlier this month in the actual Alcatraz mess hall for 300 lucky guests of Epps and The National Park Service. Now, having been released from it’s island prison exile, it can reach mainland audiences and will run at the Red Vic on Haight St this week through March 5th. The NPS has indicated it will soon use portions of the film in the permanent exhibits and tours of the historic prison.

Fascination with Alcatraz permeates pop culture and the crumbling prison ranks high amongst San Francisco’s most popular tourist attractions, attracting more visitors than the city’s total population each year. Epps’ new film approaches the prison from a very different socio-political angle than the usual Hollywood fare, and pulls together tales that are unique amongst the plethora of prison videos, books and memorabilia that already clutter local gift shops.

For More, Including A Peak At The Trailer, Read On… (more…)

Total SCAM: ‘Property Tax Assessment’ mailings

I received this very official-looking document in the mail today. And I’m used to getting official-looking mailers that purport to be sweepstakes prizes, fake checks, and so on, but it took me ten hard seconds of looking at this thing to determine it’s a total scam — and a particularly evil one. (Click on the image to see the whole thing, with my personal information blocked out.)

See this page and this news story, which comments on the scam. They’re talking about the exact same letter I received.

I called the San Francisco Assessor’s office, and they said anyone can request a reassessment for free. There’s no need to use this “service.”

Update: A Fresno TV station did a story tonight on the deceptive letters.

Look Who’s Got a Blog & YTD Crime Stats

SF Public Safety blog is up, and has some interesting crime-related stats. From my Central District newsletter, looks like year-over-year stats are in, and they seem kind of cheery (despite the recession news everywhere)… SF Public Safety opinion here

While we can’t extrapolate meaningfully significant results from such early trends, these reductions nonetheless serve as an accurate snapshot of where we are, thus far in 2009, and hence inform us on the effectivness of present deployment strategies.

Whereas, Captain Dudley from Central District sums up Central District YTD numbers as:

Overall, I would say we are down in violent crime and up in property
related crimes by about the same margin. Some of the crime or incidents
listed have to do with where we are in relation to location. Since we
are a tourism hub, we receive a lot of reports of lost or stolen items
such as luggage, small electronics and passports. The night life in our
entertainment corridors has its share of assaults and drunken related

I would have suspected a lot more property and drugs related crimes due to the recession, but since it’s only in the last few months, YTD numbers aren’t going to reflect that. Central District site is here. Don’t rely on me for your neighborhood crime info, sign up for your own newsletter, by district. Crime Maps info, can be interesting too.

Participate in your neighborhood

Neighborhoods are only as good as the people that live in them to support and care for them. Last night I attended the Shotwell Street Neighborhood Watch meeting at Ginger Rubio in the Mission District. It was the second meetup with more than 40 residents in attendance.

The meeting was facilitated by San Francisco SAFE Inc., a Non-profit Crime Prevention Education Organization working in cooperation with the San Francisco Police Department. Many issues were addressed that are specific to Shotwell Street such as prostituion abatement, drugs and alcohol abatement, and graffiti prevention.

The Captain of the Mission Police Department, Stephen A. Tacchini, was in attendance and answered everyone’s questions and gave out his direct line for anyone to call him. Residents were asked to sign up for committees that were important to them and where they could make a contribution. I signed up for the Burglary prevention because my bicycle was recently stolen out of my yard and the Drug and Alcohol abatement because I have witnessed some drug abuse in cars at my curb and there are some neighbor kids that I don’t want subjected to it.

Meeting some of my neighbors and knowing that they have my back along with SF SAFE and the police has motivated me to participate more in making the place where I live a home rather than complaining and expecting someone else to do something about it. As Captain Tacchini put it, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

If you would like to find out about your Neighborhood Watch or start one up, contact SF SAFE.

The next Mission District Community meeting is at the Mission Police Department, 630 Valencia St. on Tuesday, January 27th at 6:00 PM Click here for more deets.

BART closes shooting investigation as demonstrations continue

BART closed its investigation today into the police shooting of an unarmed passenger in the early hours of New Year’s Day without any testimony from the police officer who shot the man.

Former officer Johannes Mehserle, who resigned from the force last week without ever talking to investigators, claimed his 5th amendment rights against self-incrimination. Meanwhile, California Attorney General Jerry Brown assigned an investigator to the case.

A demonstration last week in Oakland turned violent, with 120 people arrested, several cars burned, and storefronts damaged.

Demonstrators were gathering at this hour in San Francisco for another demonstration. (The last link courtesy SFist.) Update: The SF protest was relatively peaceful, with no arrests. You can read the somewhat juvenile account by a demonstrator on Indymedia.

Fired Silicon Valley engineer kills boss, two others

Updated to clarify the suspect in this case was not laid off.

Friday a 47-year-old engineer who had been canned earlier in the week allegedly killed his company’s CEO, the operations VP, and the HR lady, before fleeing. Yesterday police arrested Jing Hua Wu, former test engineer at a semiconductor company called SiPort Inc. and were holding him in the Santa Clara County jail pending arraignment on three murder charges.

Update: An earlier version of this post implied that the alleged shooter might have snapped after being laid off. But a recent report on Valleywag states the suspect was fired, and that the company has never laid people off. A report on KCBS radio Monday morning said the suspect was fired for poor performance, though a profile on the station’s website still says he was laid off.

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