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Anna's Beauty No funny stories of dumb burglars in this week’s blotter, instead sad news, quoted from Capt. Dudley:

Last week we were called to a scene where a body was found in a remote area in Chinatown. The person apparently died from a fall or other such natural cause, but had been lying in the rain for over a day. I would like to make sure that does not happen again. We are looking to turn the neglected area into a playground for neighborhood kids with help from the YMCA, Nike and the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services.

FYI: The Police Community Meeting is held on the third Thursday of Each month at Tel-Hi Community Room at 660 Lombard Street from 6-7 PM.

Negotiating in Chinatown

Pacific AveI needed to buy about a few umbrellas, and as I walked down Stockton street, I checked the prices in a few stores. mostly it bottomed out at $3.99 for a tall walking one. A lady in front of one of the produce markets told me it was 3$/umbrella. Well, she just held her fingers up. I started asking her if I got a discount if I bought more than one. Quickly realized she doesn’t speak any English. So this is a first for me- negotiating in Chinatown, which I’ve put off doing for 2 years, despite negotiating quite a bit in China itself. I broke down and said, in Chinese-Mandarin “How much for 2?” and she got a big smile on her face. The charm only went so far since she still refused to go below $3, and pulled in some woman walking by to translate that it was, really, just 2 for 6$, not cheaper. The lady she pulled of the street wants me to follow her up the street to her store-saying this in Mandarin. I say I’m walking the other way, towards home. As I start to walk, the umbrella vendor yells above the crowd ‘Hao!” – roughly, good, ok- and, I say “2 for $5” And she agrees, and we start to exchange money.

SF Political Blog Buzz

Local Political Blog Buzz:

Included are links to SF’s Usual Suspects website that has posted a large map graphic by David Latterman showing the percentages of voters in different parts of the city during the last election. The heaviest turnout of over 50% was in the outer avenues, and close to that in most districts where supervisor races were to be decided, and less than 35% in Chinatown & Bayview Hunters Point.

Daniela Kirshenbaum has written a lengthy post election piece for Fog City Journal on some growing disenchantment amongst District 2 denizens with so-called “Mystery Supervisor” Michela Alioto-Pier, who maintains a home in St. Helena and has vague City Hall office hours and a somewhat spotty attendance record for Supe’s meetings.

Of interest to parents with kids in SF’s public schools, “Left in SF”‘s, Kim Knox posts the results from an analysis she did of an official SF school district document handed out this weekend that is showing the trends in the top choices of SF parents to send their kids too…

Word of an emergency Critical Mass scheduled for outside the Mexican Consulate in solidarity with Oaxacan protestors at 4pm Monday has local bicyclists a buzz.

Meanwhile, back in District 5 Diary blogger Rob Anderson’s cyber turf, he continues to take much flack from irked bike nuts & anti-car zealots. Anderson, a former D5 supe candidate in ’04, had an election day victory, not at the polls, but in court in where his lawsuit slowing down SF’s “Bike Plan” was upheld.

Go beyond the jump to read more of the latest hub bub riling up local political bloggers…

Muni Stories: Hands Off My Tourist

30 Stockton yesterday, heading to Union Square. I noticed this weird phenomenon of possessive townie “pissing on” their tourist and thus marking them as Theirs.

It started with a dark and stormy night…


The Chinese character is “look” in Chinese, just like it’s translated, “kan“. I love the comic element. There are a lot of school kids around. It’s at Broadway and Columbus, at all four corners. So cute!

Produce Report


So the nectarines above are just perfect, and, surprise! they’re from Trader Joe’s! The rainier cherries I got today on a Jackson and Stockton produce market in Chinatown for a dollar. The produce there is amazing; star fruits, lychees, chinese broccoli, big peaches and more nectarines. If you can get out there between 9 and 4, that is.

So last month was an official nectarine month from the CDC. I have to share my favorite nectarine recipe: nectarine tart. It’s super easy. You buy marzipan and a pre-made pie shell. Bake the shell, soften the marzipan, squish it on the bottom, slice nectarines decoratively, put on top, put a little bit of current jelly (melted) along the top and then bake it really quick until nectarines are soft. Yum! Serve with vanilla ice cream. The nectarines are tart, the marzipan adds a nutty taste, etc. Lactose-free, just no ice cream.

Local Crime Highlights: Dognapping! Inept car thiefs!

Some highlights from the weekly report of North Beach/Chinatown/Fish Wharf crime: Monty games are back, a guy discovered a car thiefin his car, and… dog-napping, interrupted. Oh, and … it’s all about the Uniform.

” The victim opened his trunk on the 1300 block of Jones when he noticed a suspect inside his vehicle. He chased the suspect to Jackson and Jones where he waited for police to arrive. The suspect was arrested while attempting to hide under a parked vehicle. ”

Oh that’s another smart criminal.. hide under a car. no one will see you! Ha ha.

To Do: Gay Pride, or BarCamp???

So it’s inevitable, two events will coincide that you’re interested in. And you think: wow, it sucks that they’re on the same weekend. It’s livin’ in the city. Tons of people, tons of things to do, and while your laundry languishes and your plants die of neglect, you want to cavort around in the city attending everything and anything. Friends are going to Barcamp, friends are attending Pride, I’m going sailing, but anyways, I digress. I’m going to write now about the two events (one huge, one just geeky) that is going on this weekend in our City: barcamp, pride.

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