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Caltrain to Palo Alto

Now that I’m working in Palo Alto, Caltrain is my pal. It’s three blocks to the station and three blocks to work, with a 5 minute ride in between. The train timing in the morning, though, means that I have a 5 minute window in which both trains go whooshing by; so if I don’t catch the 8:13 or the 8:18 I’m screwed for another hour. The other trains until 9:13 are express trains that skip Palo Alto! Coming back at night it’s the same.

So I’m getting intimate with the train platform and its surrounding businesses. I can go to the drugstore at Sequoia Station and buy toothpaste or whatever, blow some money on a latte, or get a bagel. What I mostly do, though, is watch people and talk with people. This morning at coffee the most amazing woman in a tight puffy pink jacket with fur trim explained the mechanics of her hairpiece to me. There’s no way to describe the hairpiece without sounding melodramatic. It swirled, cascaded, shone, and made me want to twine my hands in her luscious chestnut tresses. Seriously, that was some pornstarlicious hairpiece! I forgot to brush my own hair this morning or even look at it. The other thing I do at the station in the cold grey morning is whip out my laptop and try to get on the Pizza and Pipes free wireless (like right now.)

No matter what, at the station there are always hunky guys in uniforms doing something. Police, security guards, dudes in orange vests and hard hats with a lot of things hanging from their belts like Harriet the Spy. Then there are smug-looking guys with manicures and nice haircuts with laptops and mountain bikes. There’s a category that I think of as “ladies in nurse shoes” who look like they’re going to work in a hospital or doctor’s office, where they’ll change into scrubs. The upper class looking women clutch their sparkly beaded handbags, lips pursed, brave and resolute, as if thinking “I can’t believe I’m actually taking the train!” Safari time, ladies. Me, I might look like I’m playing hooky from the alternative high school but if you look a bit more closely you will see the analogue to the mountain bike guys: a smug-assed GenX technocrat whose laptop bag cost more than the sum total of all the clothes I’m wearing.

On a recent trip to New York I noticed an odd synchronicity of shoes and bags. On the subway, people’s shoes always perfectly matched the social class of their carrying bags. Sneakers went with backpacks. Leather shoes (whether pointy or sensible) went with leather purses or classy-looking satchelly briefcases. And one category always had fancy square-bottomed twisted canvas-handled department store shopping bags, and the other had plastic bags from the drugstore. It was eerie. Here the rules seems a bit more mixed up.

Caltrain itself is lovely. Clean, bright, quiet, roomy, with comfortable seats. The ride through Redwood City reveals the interestingly squalid back of Cosco, a lot of grey-looking auto body shops in the very sweet neighborhood on the other side of the tracks in back of Target, and then the green, green, gated and walled backyards of people in mysterious Atherton. I think really rich Ents live in Atherton. Menlo Park has apartments, apartments, then a scrubby field, then the train station.

On the way home on Friday people all over the train (I walked from end to end) were drinking beer, kicking back, and talking to strangers. Was that special Friday night mojo? Or is Caltrain in the evening always like that?

I’ll have more to say about Palo Alto later.

CalTrain commuter newbie

CalTrainFor the past five years, I have worked with the cows in south San Jose, but starting Monday, I’ll be commuting to San Francisco for my new job!

My plan is to take the CalTrain baby bullet from San Jose. Any advice for a newbie CalTrain commuter? And has anyone heard what the story is on WiFi on the trains? Last I heard, they had successfully tested it, but I can’t find any more info about it.

photo by Roland Tanglao

Cyclist hits Caltrain?

Got a text message from a friend that the northbound train he was on struck a cyclist at the Redwood City station. A horrible accident apparently resulting from the cyclist crossing at a street where the crossing guards were down, but the cyclist chose to cross anyway, and apparently struck the train, rather than the other way around. No word on the condition of the rider. I rode the Caltrain numerous times before I’d moved into the city proper, and personally had two experiences with the train hitting pedestrians – both presumably suicides – which made me wonder how frequently these incidents occur.

Online reports indicate that 10 impact-related Caltrain deaths have been tallied for 2006, making it Caltrain’s deadliest year to date. The report cites that the transit agency has “stepped up safety and suicide prevention efforts” as a result.

I suppose there is always risk where transit forms intersect, and as might have happened in this case, impatience and over-confidence make people bold. I’m sure that the speed of the trains are harder to gauge than one might think, and one miscalculation is one too many. I think it is horrible that someone was injured, or even killed, in such an accident, but sometimes I feel that people unnecessarily increase their own risk, and for what? To make it to their destination 10 minutes faster?

Bored of SF? … try an event within a short public transit ride

Sometimes you can get a lil’ stir crazy within the borders of our 7×7 wonderland. I know folks that literally spent years in this town without ever leaving. Don’t let it happen to you.

Here are quite a few cultural events going on this extended weekend nearby but out of town that you can get to easy, even if you don’t have a car.

These events range from great live concerts, Scottish Games or a woman’s surf competitions…

Whether down towards San Jose, in the East Bay or up in Marin, a quick ferry ride bus hop or train ride could put you near waterfront fireworks, outdoor musical entertainment ranging from interesting local bands & even headliners like Calexico, Solomon Burke, Angie Stone, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, The Lovemakers, etc.

More info on these events and others after the jump…

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