On Voting, and Research

Just came to my attention that we were mentioned in N Judah Chronicle’s, Greg’s note on “1 to 1 Marketing: How I’m Voting for David Chiu,” the effectiveness of 1-to-1 marketing, vs. newspapers/ads/smears/robocalls:

But because I heard about David’s campaign from people I know and whose judgment I trust, such as my friend Stan (the quizmaster at the Blackthorn’s trivia Mondays), and my friend Anna at Metblogs (who lives in the district), their opinions mattered more to me in the end than what some ad said or what Chris Daly’s shifty junk mail says.

So nice that Greg clicked back to here, and he has helped me numerous times with complicated MUNI props, but more importantly, I like this trend of us showing our work. While in line at City Hall today, getting ready to vote, I talked to two women. One was from the Mission, another from Silver Terrace. They both were well read and interested in the issues in their district. Both had done legwork before voting. One had invited friends whose opinions she respected, over for dinner to go through the propositions. The other created a spreadsheet and listed all of the interesting information she researched online into a large matrix. So decide for yourselves, share your work if you want (my cheatsheet is here), but be knowledgeable! Let’s not let stupid win again.

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