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100px-presidio_trust.jpgIn 1994, the Army turned the Presidio over to the national park system. And in doing so created one of the finest public spaces in SF and California. Originally founded approximately 1776, there are now plans to renovate some key sections of the Presidio, including the greening of what is now a parking lot, but what used to be called the Parade Ground. Along with building a tunnel for the Doyle drive approach to the Golden Gate bridge. The Parade grounds are lined by Barracks, which are mostly offices and at the southern edge where Donald Fisher wants to build a museum.

The tunnel plan is really interesting as it will connect the western edge of the Parade Grounds with the beachfront at the west end of Chrissy Field, whereas today if you were to walk from the parade grounds to the beach you would walk under the Doyle drive approach (it’s elevated freeway). This would also create some nice beach views from the newly recreated Parade grounds.


Funding? From what I’ve read it’s not fully evident where the money comes from. The current docs state:

To achieve its mission, the Trust generates revenues by leasing the park’s buildings. Federal appropriations diminish each year and will cease at the end of fiscal year 2012. The Trust uses these sources of funding to operate the park and undertake necessary capital improvements.

Another concern raised by the surrounding neighborhoods is the apparent loss of parking spaces. According to the studies performed to date there will be adequate parking. Interestingly I’ve noticed during my last few visits to that area, these parking lots that will be ripped up sit empty on weekends and are partially filled with the cars of the people that work in the area on weekdays.



All in all, pretty exciting, especially if it doesn’t cost the city that much. Imho SF is woefully in need of nice green spaces, and this looks like a nice plan.

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  1. girl86 on July 13th, 2008 @ 9:48 pm

    The revenues that generate the funding comes from the rented commercial space (such as the Letterman complex) and houses (glad that they put the beautiful houses to use instead of ripping them up…it seems like a great place to raise kids with lots of space to wander around without really being worried about them getting lost or getting picked up by dangerous strangers). I for one am looking forward to the renovations (especially the Disney museum since I grew up hooked on their animated movies).

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