Best of Craigslist: Remember Diversity

Here’s a thought-provoking story to wrap up the day… a Craigslist rant about a bit of reverse discrimination in The Castro:

You, the waiter in the castro……

So there we were, coming in to eat at your establishment. You, my oh-so perfect little queen waitron were almost but not quite able to hide your dismay at this odd group of people. I mean, really, at least three of us were clearly from somewhere in the midwest.

Given that three of us were also obviously dykes, or at least local weirdoes, you might have caught on that we were entertaining visitors.

But no, you struggled masterfully, albeit unsuccessfully, to hide your disdain for our friends from Ohio. Your undertone snide comments were not unnoticed, my friend. Next time, make those comments while you’re in the kitchen. Saying things like “you people are horrible” in a perky bright voice is bad form, to say the least. Fucking unforgivably rude is more like it.

For your information, miss i’m-too-young-to-remember-the-plague-years, that ancient (over 50) woman from Ohio who ordered too much food and was loud and annoying to you comes out here to meet up with us because we took care of her son while he was dying a dozen years ago. The same son she drove to New York so he could attend the first year of Harvey Milk High. The same son she came out to once he was 16.

The son who died a month before his 22nd birthday.

She’s been at the forefront of what passes for a gay rights movement in Ohio, and has stood up so that pathetic little twinks like you can walk down the street in your aberzombie and felch uniforms and hold hands.

And even with what you acted like, she still tipped you 20%, because she remembers her son working in a similar restaurant, and his struggles with money.

Next time someone who doesn’t fit your personal tastes comes into your restaurant, perhaps you might try some compassion, or even just some human respect. Remember the word diversity? It applies to you and your tiny narrow mind as well.

We like to think that we live in one of the most diverse and open-minded cities in the world, but things like this still do happen, unfortunately.

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  1. njudah on March 17th, 2008 @ 11:06 pm

    righteous. It kills me how the people in the "alt culture" are as fascist as the mainstream they disdain. WTF?

  2. icbalaam on March 18th, 2008 @ 7:39 am

    Living in that neighborhood, being apart of that community, this rant doesn’t surprise me at all.

    But what’s up with the prevalent passive aggressive attitudes we have here in SF? Instead of opening up a dialog with the waiter for acting like twerp, the author went home and penned a CL rant. How does this help the community? Is she seeking solidarity from other passive aggressive people who can hide behind their computers? A lot of good that will do.

  3. Richard Ault (richard) on March 18th, 2008 @ 8:33 am

    Unfortunately I hear this kind of "hate speak lite" way more than I’d like to in SF. The history of tolerance was one of the major attractions for me, in moving to sf. But nowadays it seems that people don’t live by any sort of code in this town (except stick with your own). And just like courtesy, intolerance is contagious.

    Wrt the passive aggressive nature of the population, I doubt that’s got much to do with computers, although that seems to be the likely scapegoat. Just look at the previous post about the Anonymous protest, doesn’t seem very passive aggressive to me… more like aggressive.

  4. Courtney P (courtney) on March 18th, 2008 @ 7:13 pm

    I feel like icbalaam’s comment is kind of one of the same generalizations that we make about others. There are certainly people out there that will not take the passive-aggressive route when dealing with situations such as this. There are certainly people that take action, but there are a lot of people that are just plain afraid. Even though it may not be the way we might handle a similar situation, I say, good on her for taking the first step towards standing up for her beliefs.

    I’m not surprised at her rant, I am just saddened that we are not as tolerant and accepting as we would like to believe we are.

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