Get Ready To Be Sprayed… But Will "Sexual Confusion" Be Enough?

Discovered in a Berkeley backyard by a retired entomologist awhile back, the presence of the rarely seen Light Brown Apple Moth will soon have you ducking for cover.

Last May, I mentioned the agricultural quarantine that the Light Brown Apple Moth had caused statewide, and now we get official word that the aerial chemical spraying campaign is on it’s way to San Francisco.

The intentions of the chemicals used are to “create sexual confusion”, and get random male mating to occur, which shouldn’t be hard in San Francisco.

While the pesticides & insect “phermones” to be used claim on their containers “Harmful if inhaled. Avoid breathing vapor or spray mist,” that won’t stop California’s multi-billion dollar agricultural industry from forcing you to do just that.

Officials claim no “adverse” effects are expected when aerial dissipation of vast quantities of CheckMate OLR-F and LBAM-F will be sprayed over the Bay Area beginning as early as June. Tell that to hundreds of residents of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties who have reported health problems from last years coating. One of the more dangerous aspects contained in the sprays is a chemical called 2 hydroxy 4n octyloxybenzophenone, an endocrine disrupter that is contained in the “microcapsules”.

Either way, whether you like it or not, it’s your turn Bay Area…

State and local agricultural officials will “explain the Light Brown Apple Moth eradication program and address any concerns” in two “meetings” in SF & Oakland next week.

The locations & times of the two brief 1 hour scheduled public meetings are listed below, as well as info on the relatively untested stew they’ll be dropping on a vast swath of urban populous. A link to an anti-spray website and a likely useless petition is also included for those who wish to practice the futile prospects of “online opposition”.

Sprayings over San Francisco aren’t expected to begin until approx Aug. 1 and other areas to be sprayed as early as June include Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, and Daly City, Colma, Oakland, Piedmont, Emeryville, Albany, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Tiburon and Belvedere.

Aside from the sprays, the eradication program will also use a “stingerless” wasp that eats moth eggs. The wasps will be released at 1 million per square mile, to be done in the spring in advance of the aerial spraying, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

After a public outcry in Santa Cruz last year, the CDFA had Subterra, the Oregon based manufacturer whose only longterm testing has been on rats & rabbits, publically release the “proprietary” ingredients of the Checkmate LBAM-F spray last year, they are as follows:


(E)-11-Tetradecen-1-yl Acetate

(E,E) -9,11 Tetradecadien-1-yl Acetate

Crosslinked polyurea polymer

Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Polyvinyl Alcohol

Tricaprylyl Methyl Ammonium Chloride

Sodium Phosphate

Ammonium Phosphate



SOURCE: California Department of Food and Agriculture

Direct link to a large jpg map of the proposed spraying sites in the Bay Area region

Petition to Stop The Fumigation

More Info in Opposition and

The state knows public approval is an uphill battle, and a half million dollars has been set aside to assuage the public through the efforts of Porter Novelli, a corporate PR consultancy and subsidiary of Omnicom. “Crisis Management” is a Porter-Novelli specialty, whose founders came together working on Nixon’s re-election in 1972. Their later work for clients like gov’t agencies, the American Meat Institute, drug, liquor & fast food concerns has had them spinning “product recalls, tampering, environmental and natural disasters, regulatory and legislative issues, labor and factory incidents as well attacks [sic] from advocacy groups at the national as well as the local level.”

Federal Gov’t Press Release Detailing 75 Million That Will Fund The Program

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