Letterman Awaits Prophet – No Picket Lines In Sight

Last year, the Orpheum was abuzz as a certain late night Tv host brought his shtick to town for a solid week of shows. Currently the writers strike has been sapping the comedy out of late night television, it was nice to note that David Letterman’s “Worldwide Pants” outfit did their own deal with the writers to get ’em back doing what they do best.

I refuse in my couch potato moments to watch any scab t.v, and hope you’ll do the same…

Which is why I whole heartedly recommend y’all tune in to Mr. Letterman’s program this week while the competitors languish in their writer-less arrogance. In fact to sweeten the pot, on Wednesday January 9th, Letterman has one of SF’s lesser known entertainment assets on hand as a musical guest, that being the mighty guitarzan Chuck Prophet.
He started somewhere outside of Danville with a teenage rapscallion act known as Bad Attitude, who were fixtures at joints like The Berkeley Square and Ruthies Inn.

Somehow, after a lot of broken strings and hearts and contracts, he made his roundabout way to the Ed Sullivan theater, only 45 or so years behind the Beatles & The Stones…

More on this momentous occasion in tv history after the bumpy thang…

Chuck Prophet is an old school sort of rock n roller… and they don’t make ’em like they used to.

Proof will be seen by night owls late this Wednesday night Jan 9th on CBS. In fact this is yer only chance for awhile, as Mr. Prophet and his bandmates are chugging off in various directions away from their beloved and high rent Bay Area abodes until around springtime.

Wherever he goes though, he’ll steal your show, whether yer Ann & Nancy of Heart draggin’ him into a casino gig, Aimee Mann bringing him up onstage at Bimbo’s last month, or a sloppy Xmess cover band combo jammin on behalf of the SF Food Bank at the Makeout Room a few weeks later.

Watch out folks …

Chuck has been in the music biz for two decades now, including a notorious stint in the late great Green on Red, but in some respects, he kinda keeps a relatively low profile on the rock n roll radar.

Your average Warped tour ready pop punk band with some forgettable name & even more forgettable songs can sell more t-shirts in a weekend than Chuck will do in a year, but Chuck ain’t really in it for the merch. He’s got more pop craftsmanship & hectic holy history in the tunes he carefully carves out than an army of skateboard punks & tour busses huddled in some parking lot.

He’s a real rambling storytellin’ troubadour from the mystical old school that never was and a perpetual stoner teenager making adult rock for the young at heart. He’s parked a few cars, and done the sneaky hired gun sideman thang backing up folks like Warren Zevon, Cake, Penelope Houston and even Jewel, but he’s best when left to his own devices.

His latest album Soap & Water has been getting some airplay here and there, from Innsbruck to Indiana, Belgium to Brooklyn, Santa Rosa to Satellite Radio.

The road is long & winding, and that ain’t nothing new.

In fact it’s been so long, I believe he played on the David Letterman show before…

it was back in the hazy 1980’s…

When Green on Red, Chuck’s prior band that eventually put out numerous nefarious albums was picking up steam…

I’m not sure about all the details, and likely neither is Chuck. He’s since gone all what they call “Clean & Sober”, but that just means there musta been a lotta dirt to dig out from under…

The episode was vaguely recounted in a Dream Syndicate track in which Steve Wynn recounted tale of Prophet’s then bandmate Dan Stuart:

“Well, he lost a lot of friends in San Francisco
made a fool of himself on the Letterman show
in Dallas, Texas, he was thrown for a loss
when he passed out face-first in the barbeque sauce

oh, he’s got a drinking problem
likes to let his hair hang down
oh, he’s got a drinking problem
till there’s no one else around

Here’s some free tuneage….

Don’t say I didn’t never do nuthin fer ya:

Chuck Prophet – Doubter Out of Jesus ( All Over You)

Download the rest of the new album here

Here’s an older mp3, the title cut from his previous album

Chuck Prophet – “Age of Miracles

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