Journey’s Not Alone Singing About The Lights Going Down On The City

Cue a certain Journey rock anthem:

When The Lights Go Down… On The City…

Journey’s not the only one’s talkin’ about…Lights Out San Francisco.

Actually not everybody is talking about Lights Out SF, but a fair number of media outlets and bloggers are excited enough to report on about a 1 hour period on Saturday when the lights will voluntarily go out in certain participating buildings …

Unlike the military ordered brownouts of the 1940’s, when the coast feared for sneaky attacks from the seas, this one just makes it hard to see. I think that some electricity is saved, perhaps an hours worth.

According to the non-profit mafia that runs SF these days, this is supposed be like totally awareness raising or something, at least the board of supervisors unanimously thought so when they voted to support it in August. I was surprised that even the Bay Area’s Boldest Burlingamer, Ed “Supervisor No” Jew actually voted for it, but I recalled that according to utility records he isn’t really much of a fan of having lights or water turned on at all much in San Francisco.

Lights Out SF’s main organizer Brian Scott says it’s gonna be a “pretty awesome event “, like a big ol’ 1 hour brownout party… or whatever. Maybe someone will disconnect some stoplights, that’s always hilarious.

There’s even a real live brick & mortar office at 2548 Mission St donated by Gus from Medjool restaurant where you can stop by and ask them, uh “what’s the big deal?”

“…oh and and how do I get a free compact fluorescent bulb?”

It appears the “turn off the juice & get hella loose” movement deal is so BIG and hype is so thick, one localized super snarkyblog-ist outlet was excited enough to announce that the Golden Gate Bridge tested the system last night and some 600 lights

on the suspension cables were turned off in preparation for Saturday’s Lights Out San Francisco event”


.. they even sent their erstwhile correspondent in a car in the rain who took a camera and posted a “spooky” photo of the test on the dramatic and dimly lit bridge.

Only problem with that is …

uh,well, you can read the evaluation of that after the jump, and see the very important and influential Journey video of the song that likely started it all:

Despite one blogger’s observation, to most residents The Golden Gate Bridge looked exactly as it ever does last night, as there was no test, and the bridge doesn’t even have 600 suspension cable lights to turn off as mentioned in the post, nor has it ever in the last 60 some years…

Golden Gate Bridge - Lights Out SFist Photo

After a local cabbie blogger initially noted the discrepancy , he commented on the erroneous assumption that the bridge has 600 lights on it’s cables. He received a prompt reply from the post’s author that it was a “a fair point you make”.

The Cabbie’s immediate “light bulb” overhead thought on this was:

” Is it fair? No sh*t? Really? I think it’s more like a fact. “

Let’s just say the “IST” post above has since been “dissappeared… for further review” and is no longer visible via from the sites main navigation…

But, in order to compete with mainstream media outlets who bring you insignificant issues, we the merely petty & poop scoop hungry fellow bloggers of SF bring you this internal blog drama to your terminal screens, and now can show you the M.I.A post above using our patented “cached link “technology…

Plus even better:
the Journey video in question:

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  1. Ursula (unregistered) on October 19th, 2007 @ 8:38 am

    Lights out on Saturday night–during prime party time? What are they thinking?

    I hope the city has all its cops out in force–but no one expects any trouble since everyone will be wearing flowers in their hair. Hmmm.

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