New Yorkers get heads up on Healthy San Francisco … did you?

Healthy San FranciscoThe NY Times today ran a piece on Healthy San Francisco, the city’s attempt to provide health care for some 80,000+ uninsured residents. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s likely because you don’t live in Chinatown. The only two clinics offering these gratis services since earlier this summer are in Chinatown.

That’s supposed to change by next week as over a dozen new clinics are added, but my attempts to log onto a supposed Healthy San Francisco city website went on for hours to no avail.

Maybe you’ll have better luck, go ahead try it:
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Of course the fact that the website is down currently, and all the people who thought this up & are in charge of this program are simultaneously writing resignation letters due to the mayor’s personal personnel issues, either does or doesn’t bode well for the success of the program. Supposedly taxes won’t need to rise because expenses are just a few hundred million a year, rationalized as basically what’s being spent on emergency care in SF already.

That all sounds dandy, but I just don’t quite see how this form of “care not cash II” scheme” will magically eliminate the bulk of emergency care expenses. Those bills aren’t just going to simply disappear because the city offers more casual clinical care as well. We’ll still have our gun battling boys, crazed crackheads, random red light runners, drunk driving dudes, and tawdry tangential tragedies all getting into medical mayhem monthly won’t we?

At least Gavin got a nice photo op with Michael Moore out of it so far, and the lady featured in the NY Times who moved here from China last year is being seen, so good for them…

So who knows about what will happen for the rest of us, just stay tuned …

I’m no doctor, but my advice is, if any of you have existing health insurance, don’t quit your day job…

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