Mayoral Candidate Shocked She’s Off Pelosi’s A-List

While mayoral candidate Grasshopper Kaplan runs around town getting arrested everywhere from Ed Jew’s driveway to back at the Hall of Justice, and generally specializes in creating a nuisance, he’s not the only mayoral candidate who’s discovered they are not welcome wherever they may wish to move about.

It recently became apparent to Hunters Point activist Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai that she too is not on the “A” list, noticeable especially if one steps out of line against the local Democratic Politburo. While her candidacy and convictions are certainly sincere, (clip of last month’s announcement at City Hall below the jump), one has to wonder about her possible naivety.

Sumchai rallying against the Mayor’s redevelopment partners Lennar in a recent SF Bayview newspaper pic

The longtime Health and Environmental Science Editor of the award winning SF Bayview Newspaper was shocked that she was refused admittance to a press conference/photo op Nancy Pelosi was having at the Bayview Child Health Center with Supervisor Sophie Maxwell this week. Do you think Grasshopper Kaplan or even Chris Daly would have been welcomed?

Sumchai seems surprised by the rejection of a Democratic Party machine that in addition to criminal “fundraisers” & dubious “consultants”, includes numerous nepotism ridden relatives of elected representatives. She perhaps has no idea why they would somehow find her an undesirable at one of their incestuous affairs?

Sumchai has long campaigned against Lennar Corp.’s redevelopment of Hunters Point , and is she totally clueless that Lennar’s president of acquisitions was Pelosi’s nephew? Does she not know that when she’s railing against the quality of the local “environment” this might piss off our local “Commission on the Environment” President who just happens to be Paul Pelosi, Jr., Nancy’s Pelosi’s son and Gavin Newsom’s cousin?

The Lennar “land grab” at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is highly inconvenienced by attention getting activists like Sumchai, and why would she expect red carpet treatment at one of their dog & pony shows featuring the pretty darn powerful pork barrelling princess Ms. Pelosi ?(Uh, who do ya think is one of the prime architects of federal land giveaways and previously arranged for The Presidio to be privatized ?).

You can meet and discuss that sort of stuff with Dr. Sumchai at 3rd & Palou this Saturday from 10 am – 12 noon where she’ll be doing a live community radio broadcast and get her account of being barred from a Pelosi Press conference after the jump…

I am a licensed physician, Health and Environmental Science Editor of the SF Bayview Newspaper,
a filed candidate for Mayor, a former elected member of the shipyard RAB
and a DPH physician specialist who founded children’s health clinics in OMI, Sunnydale and Visitacion Valley.

I received about five emails alerting me to the press conference. I arrived
at about 9:40am and called Dr. Nadine Burke yesterday to confirm my attendance.

I signed in with a black woman representative from Pelosi’s office. When it
was time to go in I was obstructed from entering through the front door of a
medical clinic by a white male who said

Miss Sumchai…this is for invited guests only.”

He then shut the door in my face.

He later came out and called someone on his cell phone as if to alert them
that I was still present.

I remained standing at the front door and gave Ms. Pelosi a copy of the SF
Bayview and my campaign literature when she arrived.

I gave information to every press person who entered. I waited for about an

Ms. Pelosi, Supervisor Maxwell and Dr. Burke entered the waiting room and I
stood next to them as the press cameras took photos.

Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai NSCA-CPT

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  1. Jerry Jarvis (unregistered) on September 14th, 2007 @ 9:46 am

    Thanks for connecting the dots for me. This is why I rely on the internet and metroblogging for the true news.

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