The End of Fag Fridays at The End Up

fag_fridays.jpgWhat has undoubtedly become an SF institution for many is reaching the end of an era. After a week or so of first, shock, at the rumor that Fag Fridays was ending, came the gossip that it wasn’t ending entirely. But moving to a new location, possibly in the Mission. Now comes the news that Fag Fridays will indeed be resurrected at Pink. (I always enjoyed this space since back in its Liquid days, so it should be interesting.)

For many, Fag Fridays at The End Up defined a generation of club-goers in San Francisco, cranking out ‘signature’ San Francisco deep house. It was my first exposure to that element of the city, so it still does make me instantly nostalgic. Unfortunately, my burnout level/attention span for that beat has always been sporadic, so I’ve never been among the most devoted attendees. Still, I would periodically nag myself that I really should do a pop-in since it is “classic gay San Francisco clubbing”. It has always been a comforting scene for the most part, so I never regretted it.

And ironically, I once facilitated a straight friend’s hook up on the dance floor back in the day. And not surprisingly, a couple of my homo own. [ahem] Interestly, that straight hook up that turned into quite a longterm relationship. Who knew? For a less tawdry look-back, SF Scene has a better, in-depth, gossipier update. Check it out. And fittingly, Juanita MORE! will be hosting its End Up closing night, October 12. And its relaunch the following Friday, the 19th. No doubt both nights will be beyond packed and extra sweaty.

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