Fuck RSS, I Went To The Crime Scene

No offense meant to fellow bloggers reposting MSM SF Gate content — but the helicopters got me out of the house and a couple blocks down the street (and through and around the haphazard the ‘fire scene do not cross’ tape). The blaze being reported in teh Chronic suggestively as related to pot smoking, well, here’s a citizen media take:

I got there when all umptymillion fire trucks were still dumping water on the ground and firefighters were making the finger-across-the-throat gesture to each other, which I interpreted as the fire being (literally) toast. I wandered around the lines shooting pics, then chatted with citizens, the corner store owner, and rescue personnel. From the corner store owner I learned that the fire had burned for a frightening (to him) 30-45 minutes before the SFFD could put it out — the fire was in an attic behind apartments, those older buildings behind newer apartment add-on buildings. The corner store guy said officials were coming in to use the phone, etc., and that (at 7:30pm) they still didn’t know how the fire started.

I chatted with local residents and ambulance personnel — the conclusion was in one worker’s words, “likely arson, under investigation”.

Lots of helicopters for a fire, but I was glad to see so much professional, and such a citizen friendly response. Awful to see neighborhood people displaced. Majeztic (photo via) took *incredible* photos — do not miss — way better than mine (which I didn’t even bother to upload).

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  1. itscastrodammit (unregistered) on August 15th, 2007 @ 11:09 pm

    The Chronijoke reported that the blaze occurred in Noe Valley, when it’s clearly in the middle of the Castro. This paper is only kept in business by bums looking for a fresh piece of paper to wipe their asses, then snooze under.

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