Criminal Anonymity

These reports from last week’s blotter were are noteworthy to me in their total lack of identification. The suspects in the cases are just so run of the mill SF, like how do you ever really find a suspect if the description is: dark clothes, bike messenger bag? Asian girl with short haircut, black shirt and creme pants? Or a tall guy wearing a grey shirt and tan pants. And yet in the last report, the cop was tipped off by earrings made of gun shells. What attention to detail, and what stupidity, yet again, on the part of the criminal element.

Police summary after the jump.

On 6/7/07 at 5:34 PM Officer Paul Doherty and others responded to a bank
robbery on the unit block of California Street. An alert security guard
followed the suspect and pointed him out to police where he was arrested on
Market Street. The suspect is described as a black male, 5’8-9″ medium
build with a black jacket and hood and a black messenger type bag. A
second suspect, Asian female with short black hair, black shirt and crème
colored pants, escaped on foot.

On 6/7/07 at 4 PM, Officer Matt Fambrini saw a traffic violation on the 800
block of Bush Street and pulled the suspect over with the intention of
citing him. The vehicle turned out to be reported stolen from San
Francisco. The suspect, a 40 year old white male 5’11, 180 wearing a grey
shirt and tan pants was booked for stolen auto and various traffic charges.

On 6/6/07 at 10 PM at Broadway and Embarcadero, Officer Brian Oliver
stopped an individual driving a vehicle for a traffic violation. When the
officer spoke to the white male 24 year old driver, he noticed that he was
wearing earrings made from empty gun shell casings. He soon discovered
that the suspect from Millbrae was on active parole from San Mateo County.
A subsequent search yielded stolen identification and credit cards from a
victim living not too far from the traffic violation. The suspect was
booked for possession of stolen property.

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  1. who needs SFPD? (unregistered) on June 18th, 2007 @ 12:34 pm

    Does it really surprise you that the police provide such vague descriptions? They seem to care less about catching crooks, than cashing their fat checks. For the most part, they don’t live here and would likely want overtime to actually perform a useful function.

    The cops in this town are beyond prickly, they are ineffective, callous to the point of being unconcerened, and ought to be ashamed of their so-called “union”.

    I spit on their performance, and could do a better job with a baseball bat & and a pair of binoculars them a fleet of them driving around in cars, w/ high tech communications equipment & guns do already.

    Why is there not a permanent police & beat cop presence in hotspot areas like the TL, Fillmore, Civic Center, 16th + Mission, Bayview etc is ridiculous…

    I know a guy dying of stabbling wounds at General who was nearly killed less than a block from their Mission Station.

    The last few times I tried to get police to intervene in obvious gang/drug dealings & brutal public beatings they wouldn’t so much as slow their car & roll down their windows, much less even walk around a corner to the crime scenes.

    F*ck The SFPD… perhaps when the street thugs taking control of this city stop taking out each other & their clients & start killing cops … just maybe then they’ll finally do something in the cesspool this city is becoming on their expensive watch.

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