The Warriors Phenomenon

I’m not much of a professional sports fan, and when I am, I’m usually a baseball fan. However, above all, I’m an underdog fan, which explains why I like the Twins (that and the fact that I grew up in Minnesota) and hate the Yankees (the consummate overdogs of all sport). I don’t know much of anything about basketball, but even though I’m in the middle of finals, I’ve been hearing about the Warriors’ playoff run (as has everyone who doesn’t live in a cave on Angel Island, I deem).

Indeed, even if I hadn’t seen today’s Chronicle story on the Warriors’ hair or their blog about the playoff run, I’d have heard the people walking down McAllister Street (where I live) today chanting “LET’S GO WARRIORS!” and the loud but unintelligible PA system broadcasting what I can only assume is a play-by-play.

And so, like another (former) denizen of the Civic Center area, I will jump on the bandwagon to support our local underdogs in a sport of which I know little. Let’s go, Warriors!

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