Can this man stop the violence in the Fillmoe ?

Move over Ross Mirkarimi, and meet Messy Marv, an SF rapper with mucho macho street clout, whose concept to bring peace to the Western Addition includes allowing neighborhood based rappers who represent both the warring “Uptown” and “Downtown” factions some mic time to get their stories out. messy marv is a persuasive businessmanMarv has two CD’s coming out soon that will highlight the Fillmoe hood and both use local mostly unkown talents. He isn’t shy about making a buck off the battles either, rap or otherwise, but does say that he will be putting some donations from CD proceeds into local gyms & community centers.

Fillmoe Nation Vol. 1 coming this spring will represent Click Clack City’s “Uptown”, while Fillmoe Nation Vol. 2 to be released a few weeks later is a collection focused on “Downtown” based rappers. Messy recently told hip hop fansite,

“I wanted to give people that had not had their shot, an opportunity to express themselves, I wanted to put them on, give them a chance” He added “I have seen people I grew up with killed in this violence and I want to play my part by trying to help the community,” said Messy of the situation. “I decided to make these albums, so I could show not only SF and Fillmoe what is happening in our communities, but also the country — the violence that happens in our neighborhoods everyday and the need to stop it.”

More on Messy Marv, links, mp3’z of his “Muzik for Tha Taliban”and additional info after the dreaded jump…

Marv achieved his “baller status” through many guest appearances on other rapper’s CD’s, plus his solo releases like “Discobayish” & “BANDANNAS, TATTOOS & TONGUE RINGS”, that have reportedly sold over 50,000 units total.

Amongst other interests, Marv has also recently affiliated himself as a pitchman for East Bay based beverage “Hunid Racks”, a self proclaimed “Energy Drink For Real Hustlers” that’s endorsed by plenty pimps & playas alike. His duet with local rapper Yukmouth is one of the beverages theme songs and can be heard on this mp3 below (also featured on the drink’s MySpace page)…

Yukmouth & Messy Marv – Sippin’ On 100 Racks (mp3)

Marv’s last CD “Muzik Fo’ Tha Taliban” apparently wasn’t as well received in the hyphy nation as previous efforts, with critics citing it’s perceived Anti-American title. Last week SF Weekly published a cell phone interview with Marv by writer Sam Chennault, in which Marv defended the album and did some damage control.

“Muzik fo Tha Taliban was in no way to disrespect the United States of America,” Messy clarifies. “I’ve been getting a lot of bad reviews because of the title, but I was just trying to paint a picture of our own war within our own community. I was trying to give the people a soundtrack for this war. It’s the same thing as in Iraq. We got a war going on over there [in Iraq], but they missing the war that’s going on right here.”

Here’s another track from Messy Marv, from a documentary soundtrack CD put together by one of the Fillmoe’s fave son’s JT The Bigga Figga.

Gotta Get It - Original Documentary Soundtrack

Messy Marv – “Thug Life”
from “Juvenile & JT The Bigga Figga Present: Gotta Get It – Original Documentary Soundtrack”
by Various Artists
Get Low Digital

To hear more Messy Marv, head over and befriend this purported peacemaker on his MySpace page, where almost 12,000 fans already have…

Messy Marv’s Fillmoe Nation Vol. 1 compilation is slated for release March 20, Vol 2 follows in April, and both will be released through Marv’s Scalen LLC P&D deal via indie imprint SMC Recordings, a label that’s actually distributed by Fontana, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

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  1. dash (unregistered) on March 17th, 2007 @ 2:45 am

    Yah right. “both sides of fillmore”. What’s that, five blocks of real estate? Get real. Profiteering is more like it.

  2. plug1 (unregistered) on March 17th, 2007 @ 10:30 am

    never thought id see young mess on this site. hes been a long time fav along with san quinn.

    the filthy moe is now in the building. stand up.

  3. jsin (unregistered) on March 31st, 2007 @ 6:59 am

    you like quinn and mess? you better get ready if you aint already knowin about they lil cuzzin that boy YA BOY. Next generation he a fire breathin beast.

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