F Line Fun

Some friends of mine were in town last night, and we were looking for somewhere to have dinner, so we decided to take the F line down to the Castro and have something tasty there. Naturally, the car was packed when it arrived, but we were able to squeeze on. I ended up standing next to two people who were wondering where they needed to get off (they were going to the Asqew Grill on 16th), and the other person next to me and I let them know. I figured it was just the two of them, and maybe the person across the car who they were talking to.

After we left the stop before theirs, I pulled the cord and told them their stop was next. The man thanked me, stood up, and called “Next stop is ours!”

When the car stopped, nearly everyone got up and walked out the front door. About halfway through I asked them whether they had reservations; they assured me they did. Counting us, about eight people were left on the car after they left.

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