I’m Rich Bitch!

That’s right y’all, Dave Chappelle (Picture from Front Row King) was in town last night to perform at the Punchline comedy club. Tickets went on sale only two days in advance–and it didn’t take long for both shows to sell out. I intended to write about the event earlier this week but after realizing it may increase the number of people competing with me to get tickets, decided against it. I secured my tickets and arrived at 9:30, given that the show time was listed as 10pm. I should have known better.

The line was already around the building and doors didn’t open until 11pm, leaving some of us soaking in the rain. Security staff at the venue was a whole ‘nother story–don’t get me started on those buffoons. After a couple of good opening acts and enough time to dry off from the rain, Dave took over at midnight. He was scheduled to perform for one hour, but stayed on until 3:30am.

Did you read that–3:30AM! He should have left after the first hour because it went rather flat from there. He entertained questions from various hecklers and audience members to “squeeze every bit of laughter out of the crowd” before leaving. He managed to redeem himself in the last 30 minutes with the underlying themes of the evening; references to Spiderman, certain individuals in the crowd, sex and masturbation. His humor is not for everyone because he forces you out of your comfort zone–and he quickly picked up on those cues from the moans and jeers that came out now and then. But its exactly what our left of the middle, walk on eggshells, uber PC friendly city needs sometimes. Its exactly what we all need sometimes.

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  1. steven - chicago metblog (unregistered) on February 23rd, 2007 @ 8:52 pm

    he was on for 3 hours? you are one lucky chick. i long for the days of new chappelle episodes.

    does wayne brady have to choke a bitch?

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