The Nude Pirate Salute

This just popped into my email box and it’s way too fun not to share:

RJ’s BWClub INVITES YOU to join our “NUDE QUEEN SALUTE” to Captain
Christopher Rynd’s 1132′ long, 236′ high, 151000 ton, $800 million
QUEEN MARY II, with 4300 combined crew and passengers, as it sails
under the GGBridge and into SFBay at 3pm Sunday, 2/4/7.

This is FREE, but you must bring or wear British, royal, maritime, or
pirate costuming accessories (that still leave you mostly naked) AND
any British, American, or rainbow flag you may have. The weather will
be warm and sunny and about 70 degrees…perfect for nudity, which is
legal on these beaches.

RJ will be wearing a US Navy captain’s hat, an orange life preserver,
the leather flag, and nothing else but a cigar. You are welcome to
wear anything that you think will shock, annoy, or amuse the rich
British tourists aboard the QM2…just leave little to the imagination.

Who doesn’t love a little naked pirate hijinks?

Full details from the email after the jump.

*Thanks to Sara for the tip*

SNIFF for RJ’s cigar and MEET US at 2-230pm under the LEATHER FLAG on
the southern end of the beaches known as Golden Gate Bridge Beach OR
Marshall Beach (as it’s called by the US Park Police) in the SF
Presidio, and then RJ will lead you to the spot where we’ll stand
(legally) naked and wave our flags and genitals in clear view of the
QM2 as it squeezes under the GGBridge.

For QM2 information, stats, pictures, virtual tours, floor plans, and
the QM2 Bridge Webcam, visit:

For pictures of and maps and aerials to GGBBeach and the Landgon Ct
parking lot:

Can’t make it to GGBB but wanna see the NUDE QUEEN SALUTE online? On
Sunday 2/4/7 at about 245-315pm visit the QM2 Bridge Webcam at and look for us on
the right (south) side of the GGBridge, below or just right of Fort


FROM MARIN: Go south on the Golden Gate Bridge, get in the right hand
lanes as you approach the Toll Plaza, and take the immediate right
turn past the Toll Office, past the tiny Toll Office parking lot and
the bus stop. GO TO ” *** ” BELOW

FROM SF: take the last SF exit before heading north on the
GGBridge…not 19th Avenue exit, mind you, but the next one: the Toll
Office “last SF” exit right before the Toll Plaza. Curl left into the
Bridge’s touristy gift shop metered parking lot, go under the bridge,
up the other side and turn right at the bus stop STOP sign.

*** You’ll pass the paved Bridge employee parking lot on the
right…DON’T park there. Up the road (Merchant Rd) a few more yards
are cars parked in the newly paved lot between the road and the old
concrete military bunkers. Park there, and follow the trail to the
right of the bunkers as it leads to wooden stairs near the edge of the

OR continue on to the stop sign, and turn right on Lincoln Boulevard,
then make an immediate right onto LANGDON COURT (it’s not on some
maps), and drive past the old, white, abandoned military building, and
past the overgrown concrete military bunkers, and park on the dirt lot
overlooking the beach. Follow the trail that starts at the southwest
corner of the lot, on the ocean side of the garbage cans…it zigzags
down the cliff to the beach.

Depending upon the tide, there are four or five or six beaches
(depending upon your definition of that word), the farthest north is
right at the base of the bridge below Fort Point, the farthest south
is a tiny cove completely surrounded and hidden by 50-80 foot cliffs,
and lying just north of and inaccessible to the northernmost of Baker
Beach’s two tiny northern coves.

Look for RJ, bald, bearded, naked, and hairy, smoking a big, black
cigar on the south end of the beaches…you’ll smell my cigar and see
the leather flag flying.


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  1. RJ Pupkin (unregistered) on February 9th, 2007 @ 10:15 am

    Well, every cliff was LINED with people. Much bigger crowds than for FLEET WEEK! I mean, THOUSANDS of people lined EVERY hillside within view of the bridge. We counted well over 200 ships outside of the GGBridge, including the Jeremiah O’Brien, packed solid with $50 passengers…not to mention the 2400 some odd passengers on the QM2. And there the two of us stood, in full view of ALL…the only two people completely naked. What’s SF coming to when only 2 people can get naked to welcome the biggest queen in the world? Well, if you’re kicking yourself for not joining us, mark your calendar for Saturday, October 13, 2007, as the BWClub honors the Fleet Week Parade of Ships with the 7th Annual NUDE SEMEN SALUTE. E-mail me to receive an invitation: And we’ll see you in the woodz!

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