Post-Yule Pyre

This weekend, I went to Danger Ranger’s 16th Annual Post-Yule Pyre.

We met in front of the Carousel Diner near the zoo and milled around for a while before an old white Dodge Dart wagon pulled up and Danger Ranger and his friends started handing out commemorative cards with matches (alas, I can’t find and didn’t photograph mine). He told us to go a block or so out of the way, as the police were blocking the beach. I met up with my friends, those who had trees took them up, and we headed towards the Great Highway.

I couldn’t see it, but a police car was on the road telling us “You can’t burn Christmas trees.” There was something of a brief standoff; nobody was about to drag their trees back, but nor were they going to take them up like lances and charge the cops. Soon the police car motored off, and we scurried across the road and over the ridge. It was, to say the least, an unusual sight.

As we mounted the ridge, we saw why the police gave up: about ten trees were already burning. We descended as well as we could, and those with trees started throwing them on the fire. Most people rolled them in, but some favored an end-over-end technique. The wind was fresh enough to stop too much smoke from getting in our eyes (but we still smelled like we’d been kippered afterwards), the poi spinners started showing off, and everyone had a lovely time.

Photos (including mine) are available on Flickr. There’s also a video of a prior Pyre here, and my video after the jump.

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