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Spend Christmas Eve with Comics Nerds

On Christmas Eve at 5pm, the greatest comic book store in the universe, Comix Experience, will be having their “17th annual sit-around-a-comics-shop-and-drink-eggnog thing.” So stop in and have some tasty nog and check out the books. Comix Experience also has a best of the year list, to aid in any last minute shopping. CE is located on Divisadero @ Page.

Details here.

Full disclosure: I am a huge comics nerd, and would totally be at this event if I wasn’t going to be on a plane at the very same time.

San Fran Lets People Be Who They Are

One of the things that most college-educated people are at least vaguely familiar with is the concept of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which basically says that there are five different levels of human needs and that the basic levels need to be met before people can attend to the higher levels. Put in very simple terms, you don’t have the energy to worry about complex issues of self-actualization if you haven’t eaten in three days and you’re worried that another day will pass before you have food.

This hierarchy gets put in to action in numerous different ways, and I have been reminded about it again since I have been back in my hometown for the holidays. In particular, I enjoyed a holiday dinner with several friends of mixed sexual orientation during which we were reminiscing about various times including the different experiences people had with coming out to their families. Reminiscing might not be the right word. What is the word for looking back not-so-nostalgically on the hardest of times and simply being glad that they are over?

Small Victory for Same-Sex Marriage

The California Supreme Court has made a decision which might restore the faith of those who believe in individual rights. Setbacks to the gay marriage issue were established when local courts decided to uphold laws which ban same-sex marriage. However, California might be coming around, because all seven judges on the California Supreme Court voted to review the issue.

No date has been set for the review, but the court has agreed that it is important to determine whether the same-sex marriage ban violates the constitution. The review will look at six different cases in the state, including four which were filed by the city of San Francisco. Read all of the details about the recent decision at

Skyline-altering project proposed for 1st and Mission

Developers have filed plans with the city for a massive new office complex — a pair of 1200-foot high towers, two 900-foot towers, and a 650-foot tower — on the northwest corner of First and Mission Streets — land that is now occupied by several relatively low buildings, the tallest one of which is about 10 stories tall. Four of the towers would be taller than the city’s tallest buildings, the TA Pyramid and the BofA building.

This is unrelated, as far as I can tell, to the project to replace the Transbay Terminal with a combination office complex and multi-transit station including a high-speed rail station. Just part of what the Bay Guardian is still referring to as the “Manhattanization” of San Francisco.

Hey, you been to Manhattan lately? Works for me!

I Swear!

virgil-sm.jpg (image from
Love him or hate him, Virginia congressman Virgil Goode has been fanning the flames of religion and politics. Using scare tactics to dvide people rather than bringing them together, the Republican representative wrote to his constituents and replied to CNN that “if American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran.” His comment was in response to Muslim-elect Keith Ellison from Minnesota who asked to be sworn in using the Koran vs. the Bible. He is a man of faith Virgil, what’s wrong with Keith swearing on his faith instead of yours??


Felt like a jolt here in North Beach. USGS report here. Epicenter, Berkeley. Neat! Got my adrenaline going.

Gifts From San Jose

Metroblogging cities gave 7 gifts to the world. Though not an official Metroblogging city San Jose would like to join the party. We might not find enough boxes, wrapping paper and bows for seven gifts but…

Red Gift box: Safety
New York may be claiming the title Safest Big City in the country, but the murder rate in San Jose is less than half of that in NYC.

Blue Gift box: Climate
San Jose lies inland, protected on three sides by mountains. Our annual rainfall (October through April ) averages 14.4 inches, and the Fog that can blanket “the City” is not a frequent visitor here in the South Bay. Occasionally snow can be seen coating Mount Hamilton or the Santa Cruz Mountains, but almost never falls on the valley floor. The average Summer temperature ranges from the 50s to the 80s. In the winter the average temperature ranges from the 40s to the 60s.

Gold Gift box: Money
San Jose currently has the highest median income of any city with over 225,000 people, and our residents produce more U.S. patents than any other city in the U.S.

With our gifts you will stay safe and warm while you mingle with the well-to-do and MENSA qualified.

SBC Flacks

Two people standing in front of my building with a mountain of plastic wrapped phone books, randomly dialing people in the building. But really, who uses phone books? Honestly, who? My dad, that is, and anyone else who hasn’t figured out the magic of yelp & google.

I let them in thinking they’ll drop them in the lobby, but no, they give me some song & dance about distributing them to each apartment. Uh, no. That’s against the CC&R – and to prove that I read the hefty tome!- leave them right there, that’s where everything goes- newspapers, bulk adverts, etc. “Can you sign a paper?” Uh, no. What paper? What’s it for? Paranoid me: identity theft. Realistic me: random bureaucracy by some circulation manager. I tell them to contact the apt. manager for anything & everything signed wise, and then I finally tire of the conversation and just go “my food is getting cold, please leave.” “I’m like: I was nice to you guys letting you in, now it’s time to go.” I usher them out, and then one guy stands in the door with his foot planted solidly preventing the door from closing. The intimidation pissing contest begins, with me repeating, “Go. Go. Go. I’ll call the cops. Go.” He
was waiting for me to leave so he could continue to have access to the building. Nice. Calling SBC.
Updated on 12/20, after the jump.

Craigsnumber Gives Away Anonymous Phone Numbers

… In what could be a very interesting twist on your Casual Encounters adventures: Craigsnumber. The mind reels at the possibilities… but do try to use your evil powers for good, okay? Right now it only works for San Francisco, Washington, DC and Dallas.

Get a free, anonymous, disposable phone number at Craigsnumber (details @ Lifehacker)

Big used book sale — right after Xmas

greenapple.jpgPlan now for your post-Xmas shopping frenzy. Courtesy Michelle Richmond: Green Apple Bookstore on Clement will be opening The Apple Seed, a warehouse outlet, on 248 Clement at 4th Ave., at 10:00 a.m. on December 26. Purpose: to “purge our South South [sic] San Francisco Warehouse” of used books and remainders… everything 50-75% off their “already low” price.

Green Apple, a Richmond District institution that is the favoite bookstore of many people.

Photo courtesy Instinctive.
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