Betsy Rosenberg and EcoTalk Radio

With all of the eco-based blogs and magazines, rarely do you get to actually hear people talk about serious issues. For the past two years, Betsy Rosenberg and her EcoTalk program have been seeking to change that. Having interviewed everyone from Al Gore, Home Depot, Wal-Mart to smaller fund-raising organizations and everyday individuals trying to change the world, this is one of the best collections of honest, in-your-face advice from those who are knee deep in “environmentalism 2.0”.

Betsy has been working in broadcast journalism for 25 years and been reporting on the eco-beat for 10 years. Initially funded by Air America Radio, the show is now suffering some rough waves since AA filed for Chapter 11 a few months ago. “Even with the generous funding from our other sponsors, I’m still spending my own money to bring green news to everyone,” Betsy said yesterday when I went to visit her for my first interview on the show (which will be up later today). Her frustration with the situation was clear, but determination shined through as well – this show has a future and she will make sure of it. Monday through Friday, a daily collection of MP3s are posted on the EcoTalk blog site, along with bits of info and web links for the interviewees.

I’ve personally been listening to these podcasts for over a month and, in a word (or two), I’m addicted. I start my weekdays off with a fresh episode and wouldn’t have it any other way. Bringing green issues alive, adding a passion that the written word can’t express, is just one of the vital effects of this show. Even a media buff like myself learns something new everyday thanks to Betsy’s interactions with key eco-players. Recorded on Green Street right here in San Francisco, many local “greenies” are invited into the studio, adding another level of chemistry that you can hear clearly.

Radio airwaves have easily been corrupted by “popular” media, leaving serious issues to only be found on AM, if you are lucky. Turning to the internet, the honest truth of what is going on with our planet is not censored. Betsy’s years of experience and natural talent on the microphone brings our entire movement alive in just a half hour a day. Lately, the feed for the program on iTunes has been having some glitches, so head right to the EcoTalk website to listen right away. Search through the site and see if any of your favorite (or least favorite, if you are into that) companies or organizations have interacted with Betsy. Not finding who you are looking for? Send Betsy an email with your ideas for a future show.

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