Funky Homosapien Makes Triumphant Return …

Of all the Bay Area hip hop crews, one of the longest lasting, most talented, and least annoying in my humble opinion would have to be The Hieroglyphics crew. Undoubtedly the most famous and funniest of these cats is Del The Funky Homosapien.. and he’s wrappin’ up a big tour and at The Fillmore on Thursday Night.

A guy gutsy enough to flaunt that sort of moniker at the raw & reptilian rap heavyweight gun totin’ guys convention just has to be a good sport. Del , has been a verbally flowin’ fly guy on a genre’ crossing linguistic mission for over a decade, and this time around he’s on a solo type tour, but bringing up & comer openers like A-Plus, Motion Man, Bukue One, and SF’s amazing turntablist hero Mike Relm.

To check out some vids & beat packed tunes in mp3 format, giving ya a taste of Del & the multi-faceted & frenzied mixology that has had scratch-meister Mike Relm collaborating with everyone from the Beastie Boys to a children’s book author… click ever onward my friends. See ya after the JUMP!

The Hieroglyphics crew have been responsible for some great music & many lively shows over the last decade or so…

Likely the original “backback” hip hop hoppers in the bay, the boys were hooked up with major Elektra for an early 90’s spell, but went on to maintain the website and a large fanbase through pro-active self management of their careers.
Born Teren Delvon Jones in Oakland in 72, he got his first break on 1991’s controversial Amerikkka’s Most Wanted CD put out by his cousin Ice Cube and hasn’t looked back since.

Over a thousand folks will likely herb up & catch one of the Bay’s biggest hip hop talents whose influence has spread all over from records to video games to becoming an animated character in the Gorillaz, …

Del – No More Worries

Here’s Del on a rare older when he was cut caught jammin’ in 1993 verses over J Mascis & Dinosaur Jr from the Judgement Night soundtrack

Del & Dinosaur Jr – Missing Link

Here’s Del in a collaboration with Reggae star Barrington Levy, Prince Paul & The Automator’s Handsome Boy Modeling School, and look they even squoze in that skinny Scottish dude from Franz Ferdinand… go figger…

Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Barrington Levy, Del & Alex Kapranos – World’s Gone Mad

here’s the video link… p.s ya get a bonus cameo from Don Cheadle

I’ve been a big fan of local mix master Dan The Automator since I first heard him promoting his 1st 12″ “Music to Be Murdered By” on KPOO, in the way back machine… must’ve been 89 or 90 or so…

Here’s a key cut from a previous Automator Nakamura at the controls collab with Del circa 2000 called Deltron 3030

Deltron 3030 – Madness

Opening for the show for Del crew will be bad ass Bay Area turntablist & multimedia maestro Mike Relm,

The kid is a twistedly talented live performer & scratchmaster who has a great CD out called Radio Fryer that is like a mega mash mix up session that just won’t quit, roaming from hip hop into Joy Division. The best part is you get two discs(!), an extra one to share with a pal…

There’s some mixed tracks from him below…

His live show is getting much praise and i look forward to getting there around 10ish to catch the kid cutting live chaos in time to his viciously synched video montages, like his most famous bit utilizing the corporate lackey cult classic Office Space…
here is an excerpt I found on that YouTube thang, where Relm is seen in action recorded at The Independent earlier this year

First here’s a little background on the Relm, a Bay Area native and baby of the late 1970’s, Mike has done the competitive turntablist scene placing in the top of the International Turntablist Federation’s USA Heats. Eventually he started broadcasting on SF’s Wild 94 FM, was featured in Doug Pray’s critically acclaimed doc “Scratch”, and worked on Qbert’s Wavetwisters DVD on many other scratch related video projects. In additio to the afforementioned Radio Fryer, Relm has produced “Suit Yourself”, a film documenting his tours with Money Mark, The Gift of Gab, and D-Sharp that is available on DVD).

from The Soundtrack to “Turntable Timmy”, an animated series based on a so called “children’s book” about a young scratching champion that features Mike Relm on the score & Daly City’s homegrown sensation Qbert on the included CD

Mike Relm – Turntable Timmy Animated Soundtrack Score

and here’s one that brings in the Outfield vs NWA

Mike Relm – Relm & Josie With Attitude Mix

more info at

Oh & here’s that Turntable Timmy trailer I found on YouTube…

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  1. Bradley Allen (unregistered) on November 15th, 2006 @ 5:50 pm

    I’m a huge Hiero fan (Oakland, baby!) and pretty much have all of their records, mix-tapes, etc.

    It warms my heart that you put so much effort in posting all of those links for people’s listening and viewing pleasure. Rock on!

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