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It must be cool…Nish was there

I ran to Blue Bottle this morning at about 10am to grab a latte, and I noticed that the little alley, Linden, was closed off and vendors were setting up their clothes, jewelry, and art. I thought, “This seems kinda cool/trendy/oh-so-Hayes-Valley.” My suspicions were confirmed when an organizer-looking guy shouted to the vendors, “Hey everyone. This the famous Nish from Yelp! He’ll be doing some PR for you guys!” See? I knew it was cool!

(Online research lead me to the conclusion that the event was the Capsule Street Fair, although the Web site didn’t tell me much more than that.)

The Science of Sleep


I just finished watching a movie that was so visually appealing, artistically produced and laugh-out-loud-funny, I had to write about it. Fear not, this is not a movie review . What tickled my funny bone was the performance of Gael Garcia Bernal, in the lead role of The Science of Sleep. He plays Stephane, a half Mexican, half French young lad returning to Paris after his fathers’ death. Although he’s trilingual, his attempt at speaking French in front of his love interest makes him nervous leading to an interesting new language all together. And that, is what had me giggling like a little school girl. Stephane is not dyslexic, but it sounds like he is when you see the film. Although there is so much more to the movie than language barriers, that aspect of Stephane resonated with this bilingual chick. So if you find humor in language, are interested in disasterology and enjoy eye candy, be sure to check out this film.

Surfing-phile Book Release Party on Tues., Oct. 24th


If fellow SF Metblogger Richard Ault’s Ocean Beach photos of yesterday’s big surf didn’t stoke you enough:

Two new, coffee-table surf-dream books have been published by Chronicle Books, and there’s a book signing by the authors and other surf stars on Tuesday, October 24th. This Surfrider San Francisco benefit celebrates the publication of Inside Maverick’s and Photo/Stoner at 111 Minna Gallery. Down some beers and mingle with surf authors & luminaries Matt Warshaw, Doug Acton, Grant Washburn, Jeff Divine, Bruce Jenkins (of San Francisco Chronicle 3-Dot Lounge fame), Maverick’s surfers, and more.

Big Flavor at little Vietnam cafe


When I’m actually nuts enough to drive down Clement Street in the Inner Richmond, and it’s a lunchtime traffic circus (when is it not a traffic circus?), I now without fail stop by the curiously non-initial capped little Vietnam cafe (309 6th Avenue, between Clement and Geary). Yep, I’ll actually circle around the block a few times on parking space prowl just to grab the super-fresh, flavorful, and very economical home-style Vietnamese dishes.

Anti-DRM Tagging Downtown

Was downtown and saw these plastered around the streets that surround the Union Square area (this one is outside Banana Republic). The area was packed from all the marathon festivities this weekend, so lotsa tourists saw them — I wonder if they know what it means.

Lane choices

Only in SFI wasn’t driving, so I was able to take this picture while the driver concentrated on staying in the correct lane to eventually get us through the city and to Point Reyes. Said the driver, “See? This is why I hate driving in San Francisco.”

This reminds me of what I learned about technical writing: too much information can be as bad as too little, and too many options for how to do something will only confuse.

Tour de Castro Tricycle Fun

In what city will you find men waking up early on a Saturday morning to don elaborate costumes for a race which involves tricycles and scooters and hopping from bar to bar? Only our fabulous city, of course. On Saturday morning, teams of guys (and some gals) gathered together to participate in the Tour de Castro tricycle race hosted by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the queer nuns who put fun and good deeds together to raise money for good causes while bringing together a community which loves to party. The good cause behind the Tour de Castro race was the raising of money for AIDS Lifecycle Bike Riders, an annual event which in turn raises money for continued education and services for the community.

Historical Plaque: Leidesdorff

When I first moved here, I gave up on pronouncing or spelling his name; later, I got interested in who this guy was and took the time to read the plaque, at the corner of California and the small street by the same name. He was a wealthy man before they found gold on his land (he owned Sutter’s Mill land). Oh, and he also owned a nice chunk of downtown before 1848. Funny, I found two different contrasting biographies. In one he is black, in the other he is Hungarian.

Photo of the Day: Cutback


Taken at Kellys, Ocean Beach.
(From ault@flickr)

Whirlpool Weekend


I picked up a taxi fare, a young man who had recently relocated here from the Midwest.  He had landed a job with a major accounting firm, and he met a girl who is employed by Google. He said that life was good, but his income was still limited. He needed a suggestion for a weekend date that would be unique, yet wasn’t too costly. I told him that for the price of a DVD, gas, and a few meals I had an idea that he might like…

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