Glen Park Ghouls
The glorious weather we’ve been having belies that Halloween is right around the corner, but the macabre decorations appearing around town have been a constant reminder. Aside from the occasional grand gesture, the best show of spooky spectres I’ve come across is a Dead Man’s Party front yard ensemble located on Chenery Street, in the sleepy hollow of Glen Park.

This is by no means the only heavily decorated lawn in the neighborhood, as Glen Park’s homeowners take pride in putting on a good Halloween show. Fences are cobwebbed, giant spiders menace over porch fronts, and local black cats are given free range priviledges (okay, that one goes all year ’round).

I speculated with friends over why Glen Park seems so well suited a setting for Halloween grandeur, and here are a few of our thoughts:

1. The streets aren’t brightly lit – they still sport old fashioned yellow tungsten streetlights, as opposed to the brighter, bluer hue emanating from the newer LED fixtures being installed in lucky neighborhoods (have you seen the faaaaancy new lights going up along Guerrero?)

2. The streets arc and wind, disappearing around upgrades and down towards the creek, which makes for more suspenseful trick-or-treating.

3. The local elementary school, recreation center and converging transit lines in the ‘downtown’ give the decorations a steady stream of appreciative viewers – namely, the pre-adolescent set – who get quite riled up at the thought of making off with oodles of candy loot from these decorated domiciles – you just KNOW they’re going to be handing out the good stuff!

So, I’m probably divulging the secret life of Glen Park trick-or-treating, but if you’re looking for a ‘hood to traipse your toddlers through for maximum ‘eyecandy’, grab the BART to good ‘ole Glen Park, and get there early ’cause I hear that the booty goes pretty darn quick!

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  1. S (unregistered) on October 25th, 2006 @ 10:36 pm

    I can vouche for the booty going quickly on Halloween night! I swear they must bus in trick or treaters to Glen Park for all its hauntedness.

    This dead man’s party on the front lawn is a must see at night when the whole scene is earily lit.

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