Daly & District 6 Candidates To Debate on Friday The 13th

Tossing superstitions aside, the candidates for the most hotly contested seat in the local supervisor’s election are meeting at 12:30 on Oct 13th in Room A on the first floor at UC Hastings. The event marks an opportunity for Chris Daly’s deep pocketed detractors to lob attacks at the often blustery Supe whose social activist agenda has certainly irked deep pocketed downtown developers & their allies in the mayor’s office. Daly-Bike.jpg

The return of Daly to the law school’s civic center area campus is noteworthy in itself, as the last time the supervisor was here, he left in handcuffs.

In a fabled June 2002 incident, the supervisor took over the mic at a public meeting concerning a proposed parking garage and was eventually asked to leave. According to those there, he refused to leave and repeatedly stated “I’m A Supervisor”, eventually a police officer summoned from the Tenderloin Task Force cuffed the protesting politician and put Daly in what he called a “pain hold”.

Now, 4 years have passed, no parking garage was ever built, and Daly’s most heavily backed challenger is actually a graduate of the law college.

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Last week the city lifted the self-imposed spending cap, after it was shown that funds far in excess of the limit had been spent in organized efforts to defame the embattled Daly who contends these were “illegal” campaign activities against him. Daly’s supporters wanted the supervisor freed from the $83,000 spending cap since he had been attacked from many sides at once by hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of mailers, signage and web sites.

Rob Black, 36, a former legislative aide for Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, who represents District 2 has risen out of the fray as downtown’s choice in the effort to rid the city of Daly’s unabashed left leaning politics delivered with personality plus.

Recently, in a counter attack on Daly, Black who is endorsed by Mayor Newsom, personally complained to the city’s ethics commission that Daly misused $574 of taxpayer money when he sent out letters about his recent legislative accomplishments to his constituents. This followed on the heels of another Ethics Commission complaint from Daly supporters that Black’s campaign is linked to an unregulated effort to crsuh Daly’s re-election via copious campaign spending that falls outside the pre-imposed limits.

Amongst the forces lined up against Daly and backing Black include The Building Owners & Management Association, and The Golden Gate Restaurant Association , who’ve each spent $18,000 recently on individual multi-page glossy mailers deriding Daly.

One of the most conspicuous and talked about anti-Daly mailings is a 22-page hit piece entitled “The Case Against Chris Daly”. This wordy booklet was sent to voters from a mysterious political action commitee thought to be linked via Jim Sutton’s SF SOS group to funding from the GAP’s billionaire founder Donald Fisher.

The Police Officer’s Association has also paid for a 4 page mailer endorsing Black, and uniformed local cops have even reportedly been spotted hanging anti-Daly signs, with more money expected to be spent the the final weeks of the campaign.

Daly whose tenure on the board has not been without controversy won reelection last time around, but this time a lot of money has been spent to unseat him. District 6, which includes the new wealthier enclaves of South Beach, and some downtown highrises has over 18,000 new residents that may not be as enamored with Daly’s reputation as a fighter for the downtrodden & property-less.

Can the outspoken Daly take the heat from his motivated and monied opposistion, stop by and watch the barely veiled nastiness unfold…

The four candidates who will be debating at Hastings on Friday afternoon are :
Chris Daly, Rob Black, Matt Drake and Manuel Jimenez

Event to be moderated by Hastings Law Professor David Levine.

Friday, October 13, at 12:45-2:30pm, at the
UC Hastings College of Law
198 McAllister, Room A ( 1st Floor)

Event will besponsored by the Hastings Law & Policy Review, and the Hastings Trial Lawyers
Associations. Co-sponsors include the Hastings General Assistance Advocacy Project (GAAP),
and the Hastings chapters of the American Constitution Society (ACS).

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