The Rickshaw Stop

Have you ever discovered something on your own that you want to share with others because its such a great find? Or perhaps there’s a part of you that want to keep that all to yourself? Maybe its a band, a venue or a new restaurant but its new to you because you’ve never heard of it prior? This was unchartered territory for me, but not for our some of our authors.

I’m a firm believer that the most valuable treasurers are those items others simply pass by. These “diamonds in the rough”, whether applied to people or places can yield the greatest incremental hapiness so long as you can get beyond the initial abrasive edges. Nestled between Van Ness and Gough on the often gritty street of Fell is such a place. The Rickshaw Stop is a place I “discovered” recently and since then I’ve been struggling as to whether to share this with all of you.

The exterior is by no means impressive, but one step onto the bamboo hardwood floors confirms that you are defintelty in a unique place. The interior has a layout of a typical two story condo–the ones you’d expect to see in SF’s SOMA neighborhood or perhaps NYC”s Tribecca or better yet, the downtown lofts of LA. Flanking the entrance, are two strategically located restrooms. I’ve come to realize you can tell a lot about the character of an establishment by the conditions of its restrooms. I took a quick peak inside the ladies unit and was impressed by the cleanliness and open space. Moving foward, you have a crescent shaped bar to your right, the stairs leading to the mezzanine level on your left and the dance floor straight ahead. We headed upstairs to get a wide eyed view of the video screenings. I realized the place looked oddly familiar and then it hit me–the floor plan is almost identical to that of the El Ray Theatere in LA.

I knew I had discovered something truly special. Not because of the 80’s music videos projected onscreen, not because of the excellent music playing outloud, but because most importantly, it just felt like a place of my own. Now lets try and keep this just between ourselves, ok?

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