ABC Takes Famous Perv On A Date Around Town

UPI is reporting that San Francisco police have questioned the beyond bizarre former JonBenet Ramsey suspect John Mark Karr after he was taken by Good Morning America producers on a limo tour that included stops for him to peek in windows at a local Catholic girls school.

Karr reportedly was spotted peering into the window of the Convent of the Sacred Heart school, where he worked as a teachers aid for awhile. This was of course, after emerging from a limousine hired by that cheery & wholesome breakfast program “Good Morning America” .

more bizarre baffling non-news on this lil incident , and how you can thank ABC’s parent company Disney for helping a bro out…after the jump…

Sgt. Steve Mannina told the San Francisco Chronicle that SFPD were called by a teacher after Karr “stepped out of the limo and stood (outside the school) for two or three minutes, walked down the sidewalk, went up to the door and looked in the window,”

Karr’s computer child porn charges were just dropped by a Sonoma County judge on Thursday, and for a celebration Karr might have been attracted to SF by the Chronicle’s recent expose’ on our thriving sex trade?

According to a UPI story “ABC did not say why the producers drove Karr to the school, but he has reportedly hired an entertainment attorney to help him stay in the spotlight.”

ABC’s corporate apologist flack VP of news, a former William Morris man, Jeffrey Schneider, was quoted as saying “His behavior gave us serious pause and ABC decided not to proceed with the interview.”

Here’s the email & phone of Manhattan’s man about town if ya want to complement his and his ABC colleagues quick & professional sense of “pause”

tel: 212-456-3587
fax: 212-456-4912


Last night this writer contacted Mr. Schneider mentioning my shock at ABC’s “sad tabloid journalism” and concern ” why a news department would stoop to this level, and whatever sort of ratings benefit you may have sought to gain is certainly offset by the distinct lack of respect your organization will now receive post this stupid & unnecessary incident.”


This morning I was surprised when I received the following contrite , if canned reply:

We were extremely disturbed by the incident at the school and canceled our planned interview then and there. Our producers were shocked when he jumped out of the car at the school. Your points are well taken. With regret, jeffrey

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