Gimme the Light

With the fall womens soccer season just around the corner, our team has been scouring locations around the city for practices. And for the past two weeks, we’ve found ourselves in the one field that always seems to be available, Youngblood in the Bayview neighborhood.

Bayview is a quick commute from my hood which is why I was willing to check this field out. But what got me scurred was the change in lanscape from South Beach to Dogpatch to Bayview. You transition from bright lights and wide streets to littered streets and shadow movements. And at that last turn, there is a well lit soccer field that seems to appear out of the fog. What else could bring a bunch of girls out to Bayview? What other reason would any of us have for going out there late night during the week?

I’m no investigative reporter, but I was surprised at how little, if anything, there is to do in Bayview. Citysearch doesn’t even list Bayview as an option under the neighborhood section. Craigslist revealed a couple of job postings and volunteers needed, but not much in the way of events. Is it easy to assume that an area struggling with poverty, gangs and crime has nothing of interest to the rest of us city dwellers? Gimme the light or show me the light–Bayview can’t be all that bad.

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  1. Tote Board Brad (unregistered) on September 7th, 2006 @ 5:31 pm

    It’s a touch sketchy over there, sure, but there’s some gem’s, too. Rudy’s BBQ on 3rd between Newcomb & Palou is outstanding. Beef ribs and links make my menu at least monthly. I think I’m still one of the few honkies that pops in. Eventually this place will get discovered by the soul food refuges like me from places like St. Louis & Detroit.

    There’s also Pittman’s about two or three blocks south on 3rd, and they’ve got pork ribs, fried oysters, chicken & most of the fixins.

    There’s good picks over in the Bayview, even if they don’t show up in citysearch. You gotta find ’em the old fashion way.

  2. Matt R. (unregistered) on September 7th, 2006 @ 5:52 pm

    Ever since TikTok closed some years ago, my visits are quite rare. No worry, it will only be a matter of about 7-10 years before that area is gentrified, what with the new UCSF biomed campus, the new light rail line (sincerely–a necessary, easy link for the Bayview and Hunter’s Point residents to the rest of the city and to more opportunities), the greenspace and bike paths being developed. Let’s hope that those improvements not only improve the area, but the lives of the people NOW living there and helping them to remain there as vital participants in urban renewal. However, my cynicism abounds . . .

  3. Gurpal (unregistered) on September 7th, 2006 @ 7:39 pm

    Great point Matt–I’d like to think that residents of Bayview will the reap the benefits of this renewal, but with large scale developments, one can never be sure. Do we have any Bayview residents out there that can speak up and represent??

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