Urban Tantra

One of the pleasures of being a sex nerd in this here city is that there’s endless opportunities for (oh, yes) “professional development.” Really, this is one of our most prized exports &mdash sex ed that doesn’t insult your smarts, or your libido.

So welcome to the field of erotic intelligence is Temple, a slightly secreted oasis for the practice of urban tantra. As is the SF norm, this branch of tantra beautifully deviates from the sex ed mainstream: there’s no overcompensating woowoo here, and you won’t be required to pitch in for hefty materials fees to purchase a sanctified jade dildo. The teachers at Temple come from a much more grounded plane, even by local standards, getting down to the nitty gritty of shameless sexuality and letting you in on the secret that when it comes to enjoying sex, there ought to be no secrets.

Which is likely why there’s just a few places left in this weekend’s workshop, “Secrets of Amrita: The Sacred Art of Female Ejaculation,” co-taught by Temple founder Bast and Bay Area priestess, Tallulah Sulis. Tallulah’s taken her tantric practice both before the cameras of the Bravo network, and in front of her own, in a locally-produced DVD due this winter. Sunday’s class is for women only, though if you’re a boy (or miss out), there’s a full calendar of events for the Fall to choose from. Many offerings come customized with resident DJ’s and full-on vegan feasts, and time to savor the lush, citified space where tantra is practiced in true SF style as an open source technology of pleasure.

(photo: Tallulah’s Tribe.net profile)

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