Live Feed from The Playa

If you’re not at Burning Man and wish you were, or if you are as bored as I am on this Friday afternoon before a long holiday and didn’t get sent home early, or if you are just really curious as to what happens at Burning Man, I have something for you. Or rather, the good people at Black Rock City have something for you, in the form of a Webcast. That’s right, Burning Man has a live web feed: check it out.

It’s not terribly exciting. In fact, the way the little people on bikes move across the playa reminds me of a flea circus. Of course I’m sitting in an office counting down to 5pm, not out in the desert chowing down on drugs the rest of us have never heard of. But it’s live from the desert, and I promise it’s panned out far enough that it’s totally safe for work. By that I mean you won’t have to see any naked people tripping balls close up.

(I just found out that Xeni Jardin already blogged about this on BoingBoing. I swear I didn’t know!)

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