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I like when people have a bit of ingenuity when it comes to raising money. Anyone who has even visited SF knows that homelessness is a problem, and some folks will come up with anything to try and get some quarters from you. Tis great when you actually see a guy playing the trumpet or making art – at least those folks have talent are make it worth “giving” your money away.

What you don’t usually see are the kids that are homeless. Yeah, they are out there, just like the adults. Maybe I’m just not visiting the “right” areas of the city, but I rarely see kids begging for money – I think their juvenile pride gets in the way. Do we really want to just pretend that this group of people is invisible, leaving them to grow up into homeless adults? I know I don’t, and hopefully most of you don’t either.

I heard about this nifty event that will be going on in Golden Gate Park on Saturday, September 23rd called Om for Kids. Yes, Om as in yoga; this area is full of spiritual goodies and this is just one of the many funky things we can do to raise money and bring attention to our city’s issues.

The event itself is pretty simple: sign up for $25 to participate in 108 Sun Salutations, lead by some of the top teachers in the area. The goal is for each participate to raise at least $108 (that’s $1 per Sun Salutation round) – get your friends, family, and even total strangers to sponsor you … but don’t go begging,that’s just full of irony. All the money raised will be going to the Covenant House in order to help at-risk kids by giving them shelter and helping them become self-sufficient. Other than a dang good workout, as well as helping a good cause, you get some goodies for participating: 5 free yoga classes, a free group practice session, free Tazo Tea, and nifty prizes for the top fundraisers.

Yeah, I’m going to be one of those people in Sharon Meadow at 10am that morning giving the Sun some love, so come and join me. Hey, I know I’m not the only yogi out there – the city is full of studios, so quit hiding behind your computer screen and help out.

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