Cruising, and Nopa


So I had the awkward situation the other night of being at a friend’s house, and she wanted us to all leave so she could go to sleep. Sleep! But it was only midnight! Those early risers, bad partiers the lot of them. So we climbed in the car and started “cruising” SF-style. That means, keep driving around checking out bars because you can’t get parking anywhere. Did a drive/ Fly-by, and it was very crowded. We drove by the “tree place”- Madrone, and it was also crowded. I just found out this neighborhood has a name, and there are some cool combo names out there: Nopa (north panhandle). Have to give props to my friend Kathy who has coined: Lauridio, Laurel Heights & Presidio. I live in North Fishy, Fisherman’s Wharf and North Beach. OK, I’m working on that.

Finally got parking on Divisadero and decided to try this new restaurant (or new to us): Nopa. It is of the kind that don’t like large signs saying their name. “Why isn’t there a sign?” my friend asks. We’re like, it’s here, in a slightly different shade of color from the wall paint, above the door, behind foliage. What really got me is that we sat there for a while being un-fed, but getting tempted with things like sea salt, sweet butter, raw turnips. The food eventually came, and the hefty check. It was good, odd, unique experience all its own. Nopa on Divis, isn’t necessarily a “no va” place- had to make that unfortunate pun- but quirky in its own way.

Photos are of the un-food: salt, and butter (butter dipped in candle). We got bored waiting for the food.


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