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Spare the Air… once, twice, three times… lady…

It’s all free (except for one loser ferry, the Benicia-SF. What does Benicia have against good air???) today in hopes that no one will drive their inefficient pollution machines. I love to have my money rejected by The Man, so I immortalized it in this photo with really bad color. This was taken Thursday. Bike to work, take MUNI or work from home!

In other news- did anyone read about a private-funded plan to build an underground 101 tunnel that will span from the 101 turnoff of 280 (I think) to the Golden Gate Bridge? Kind of exciting. It was in an op-ed piece in the Sunday Chron, and stems from this report, I believe.

Dykes Rock: Part II


To complement Violet’s photos, here’s a photoset view from above. On a rooftop at 18th & Guerrero. Inaugurating my absolute fav moment of the Pink Weekend, those sanctity-of-marriage destroyin’ Dykes on Bikes throttled their decible-tickling, tricked-out wheels down the streets of The Mission. Paving the way for a full hour of Lesbian Runway Action. This Saturday’s Dyke March was especially exhilarating for me. Banner overhead, I was continually blown away with the unguarded looks of sheer joy from the girls below. It was much of an ego boost for me as it was for them, let me tell ya. Women of every age range and demographic looked up with such disarming and grateful exhuberance. Surveying the upturned smiles, it appeared as if many were not local – and thus slightly giddy that an entire city would devote such unbridled enthusiasm for who they really are. I was humbled. And heartened. It’s easy to be jaded and therefore unplugged about Gay Pride here in SF. (Since, as my brother loves to sarcastically bellow: “Every week is frickin’ Gay Pride Week in San Francisco!”) True enough. But seeing your everday life mirrored through the eyes of people from around the world who view this place as a safe harbor – and have travelled all this way to exhale – that’s something that instantly removes my posturing armor and makes me see my hometown affectionately afresh. I had a blast.

Dykes Rock

This little girl was the most photographed of all, there with her dyke mommy and daddy. Dyke March 2006 in photos, complete with Frank Chu protesting and marching with us after the jump. Video forthcoming; more every minute in the super-excellent dykemarch tag.

Update: post title amended so I can copy Sean!

Update: got that video for you, after the jump.

Blowfish Sushi Robbed at Gunpoint

blowfishsushi.jpgA friend bartends at Blowfish Sushi, beloved haunt for tasty fish bits, and last night at about midnight they were robbed by two men, one with a shotgun, the other with a handgun. There were two tables of diners still in the restaurant when they came in and shot three times into the ceiling. One of the men (she described as “gangsters”) pistol-whipped a waitress in the face so badly she is still in the hospital.

Here’s the first news article to hit the wires: Gunmen Terrorize Diners At Famed SF Sushi Restaurant (with video). Go by and give your love to Blowfish when you can.

Give and Get

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I know that this is short notice but if you rush over to 1122 Willow Street @ Lincoln Ave in Willow Glen NOW, before 1pm, you can get a free ticket for 98.5 KFOX’S Kihncert on the Green. Give blood, do something good and get your orange juice, a cookie and the free concert ticket. I did.


Photobucket - Video and Image HostingImagine life without the genius of John Lennon. I was not one of the lucky to see him in concert. An exhibition, and sale, of his art will be at Valley Fair this Saturday 10-9 and Sunday 10-6. I’ll be the one there, with a tear in my eye.

3049 Stevens Creek Blvd * Santa Clara
Free admission Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Just like Papa Used to Make

Salsa #2Many local Mexican food aficionados are fans of the restaurant Papalote, which has locations in the Mission as well as in Upper Haight. But it’s not necessarily the food that really makes this place, it’s the salsa. Papalote’s salsa is renowned over all of their creations.

Last year, Chow Magazine published a salsa recipe that their labs reverse-engineered from Papalote’s salsa. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, and was able to give it a shot earlier this week. I had a little trouble finding ground pasilla pepper at my local market, but I did a substitution for it, amongst a few other personal touches. It also helps to refrigerate the salsa for at least 12 hours to let the flavors develop.

Friends who sampled my rendition of this salsa have said that it matches, if not surpasses the Papalote salsa. I must say myself, it’s a keeper. I’m definitely making it again. It’s perfect for summer meals, and even better with a Bohemia or a Margarita!

To Do: Gay Pride, or BarCamp???

So it’s inevitable, two events will coincide that you’re interested in. And you think: wow, it sucks that they’re on the same weekend. It’s livin’ in the city. Tons of people, tons of things to do, and while your laundry languishes and your plants die of neglect, you want to cavort around in the city attending everything and anything. Friends are going to Barcamp, friends are attending Pride, I’m going sailing, but anyways, I digress. I’m going to write now about the two events (one huge, one just geeky) that is going on this weekend in our City: barcamp, pride.

Beat the Heat and Save Gas

Image Hosted by Scoot over to San Jose, for one more chance to win a new Vespa Scooter. Sign up at at San Jose Vespa 1886 W. San Carlos Street in San Jose. They will draw the winner Saturday, June 24th from 2-4pm

San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gate

Games of the XXXI Olympiad, better known as the 2016 Summer Olympics, host city will most likely be in North America. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will be in La Jolla California today making the presentation bid for San Francisco. Newsom, “this is not a flight of fancy; we are going to do everything we can to win this bid. We have a framework, a baseline that allows us to be more specific than most”.

Requirements proposed for new American bid cities:

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