Smell Feelings


Last night walking around downtown I had one of those weird flashes where you smell something, but don’t know what it is, and it’s from your memory, you don’t know which, but you feel the way you were feeling last time you smelled that.

Then, luckily, I smelled it again and was able to locate both the memory, and was able to distinguish the smell. It’s a new wood or pine, combined with old mildew, also an old brick smell, and a dash of sea air (salt, moisture). My old apartment in Seattle– Belltown neighborhood– had that smell. In fact all of the apartment buildings in the center of town had that smell, if they had wood floors. A shop on Sutter street had their doors open and they were moving in new inventory, or doing some renovation,, and despite it being nighttime, they were busy running in and out with the door permanently open, and you could smell the interior of the shop minus the usual air fresheners and perfumes they use. The memory triggered the emotion of living in that apartment – where I was working too hard, lonely, and bored- and while I have no bone to pick with Seattle, I’m glad nothing smells that way here by and large. Weird to register blindly a smell, and immediately feel bored and lonely, regardless of what you are really feeling. Smell, the unsung sense!

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