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Metroblogging Taps The Rockies, A Guiness

Valentine’s Day often leads to the pitter patter of little feat some months later.

We here at Metroblogging are much too impatient to wait for progeny – so we’d like to welcome our newest blogs. Ah, networks, they grow up so fast . . . .

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Tap the Rockies or a Guiness – your choice. . . .

A Ghetto Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend, Fred, and I arrived from a weekend mini-vacation spent at the “happiest place on earth”, with a little more than an hour to prepare for the Ghetto Gourmet Valentine’s Day Dinner. Before I launch into my recap of the dinner, I have to admit that I haven’t been to LA since 1998, and the last time I was at Disneyland, I was 9 years old! It’s no wonder I experienced a bit of culture shock. Working in San Francisco, I’m used to seeing hipsters toting their trendy L.V. purses and getting stuck behind slow cars on the Bay Bridge; at Disneyland, I was overwhelmed by the throngs of young pregnant moms toting toddlers on their hips and instead of car traffic, I suffered even worse stroller traffic. I was relieved to be back in the Bay Area on Tuesday. On the drive home, we tuned in to NPR’s “Marketplace”, where Nancy Mullane reported on the previous week’s Ghetto Gourmet dinner, interviewing not only the gregarious founder and host (and friend) Jeremy Townsend, but also the health inspector who had handed Jer a “cease and desist”, the day after the Ghetto Gourmet broke out on the Jan 27 frontpage of the San Francisco Chronicle.

In the past, the dinners have been held in the arts and crafts home where Jer and his roommates live in Rockridge, but with the “heat” on Jeremy’s tail, the locations have been disclosed to adventurous diners only hours before the event via e-mail. Fred was due to perform, and I was helping in the kitchen, but an hour before the gig, even we, the insiders, had no clue as to where we were going. At 6:15pm, when the wine-blending demo provided by Thumbprint Cellars was just commencing, we each got the address, and upon arriving (separately) we saw our silat kung fu teacher, Peter, inside. The Valentine’s dinner had been sold out for weeks, and so I didn’t think Peter and his fiancee, Nicole,would be able to dine Ghetto-style. Then I found out that the house belonged to them!

Eighteen couples cozied up in arts and crafts bungalow, and in-between courses, starting first with seared scallops, Jeremy and Tim the Willcutts Savage read “lascivious” poetry that honored the female anatomy, particularly the bosom. Fred got on his guitar and played classical pieces in the Spanish style. I hadn’t envisioned spending Valentine’s Day with 40 strangers at my $5 kung fu teacher’s house, and later eating West Coast Pizza at the guys’ house instead of a candlelit dinner for two or a spa get-a-way, but you know what, I went to Disneyland and had tons of fun with my honey. Who could ask for more?

Trapped In A Closet

No, not like R. Kelly . . . .

We here at Metblogs have adopted a policy to only discuss the weather when its news – more than merely discussing the fact that another day has arrived and it does, indeed, have weather, as all days do.

So I’m making the weather a story. And linking it to another story. Now that I’ve laid the proper foundation . . . .

You may have noticed the unseasonably warm weather lately leading you to uncommon February activities: like ditching the boots for thongs, duking it out with your neighbors for the outside tables at your favorite cafe, rolling in the grass like a puppy in any one of a number of San Francisco parks you may have forgotten existed during these long, woeful winter months.

Just yesterday, in fact, I bought some new tank tops to go with the sunny days (okay, and as retail therapy, but whatever).

Then, on the phone last night, my Mom, harbinger of unintentional downage the way mothers are, said “yes, but I hear it will be back to normal by Friday. And as mothers are, she was right. Blame Canada for the upcoming dose of February-ness headed our way. I know I will.

I mention this only as a way of warning. I notice that when the sun does come out in this fine city – especially when it comes out warm and not just bright – everyone backs down a bit. There’s less MUNI hostility. A tad more civility exercised in the course of daily city light. The whole of San Francisco rushes outside at once to take advantage of this kind of weather because we know it is short lived. We also know it is entirely undependable. Heat-waves in February, cold snaps in July. And August. And September.

San Franciscans live their lives like the school children of a science fiction story [the name of which evades me now to the point of distraction] who get one, solitary day of sun during the whole year. On their one day of sun in the story, they lock a girl in the school closet and forget about her until the sun goes away. Whether San Franciscans have read the story or not, I impute to them knowledge of it, and an undying fear of being that little girl, the one who misses the sunshine because she’s trapped in a closet. It makes us who we are and the city what it is.

An early morning MUNI interaction


A girl sits quietly in her window seat, listening to her iPod and zoning out, until a man of the unshowered variety walks over and sits down next to her. And then…

Man: (taps girl on shoulder)

Girl: (taking ear buds out) Hi…

Man: (pulling out eyeglasses and cleaning them) Do you mind if I make a spectacle of myself?

long pause…

Girl: Um…it’s kind of early for pun-ing.

Pillow Fight!!


Psst! If you didn’t know already, there’ll be a flash-mob-style pillow fight at Justin Herman Plaza later today at 6 pm. Bring your pillow (or buy a cheap one at Walgreens), and when the clock strikes 6, hit the nearest person with a pillow! Here’s the scoop:


1) Tell everyone you know about PILLOW FIGHT!!!
2) Wait for the Ferry Building clock to strike 6:00pm
3) Don’t hit anyone with out a pillow (unless they want it)
4) Don’t hit anyone with a camera
5) HAVE FUN!!!

Here’s some history and background of the Pillow Fight Club.

Laughing Squid

Happy Free Candy Day

metblogheart.jpgSo it’s Valentine’s Day.

Whether you celebrate it, or despise this annual celebration of love, these quotes about relationships overheard around the Bay Area are an amusing read. A sampling:

“I was looking for someone for just a really good time, but then I peeked at his iTunes playlist. He’d be serious baggage.”
-One woman to another overheard in Marin County by Capt. Steve Stevens

“There won’t be a second date. That girl ate way too may noodles.”
-Man to man outside Union Bank on California, overheard by Catherine Luciano

“I said I love you and think I want to spend my life with you, but right now I’m in Safeway and I can’t find anything, so I’ll call you later.”
-Older man on cell phone, overheard at Safeway at Jackson and Davis by Luciano

“He can’t be that gay, he got me pregnant.”
-Woman to woman, overheard at UC Berkeley by Karl Leonard.


Read the rest in Leah Garchik’s column.

The Official Bird of San Francisco

Official bird of San Francisco

When you look out over the city from any high vantage point like Twin Peaks you see something odd. The city looks like it’s either being overrun by aliens from a bad Tom Cruise movie or we’ve got a very large flock of oversized steel Flamingos prancing about the city. They’re everywhere and constantly on the move if you look at the city in snapshots of weeks or months. I believe we should bestow upon these giant beasts of burden that keep the city on the build the title of our cities own official bird. Just because this is San Francisco and we can do what the hell ever we like*.

Click image for larger version.

*except take our guns dammit

Gun Ban News

I’ll be appearing tomorrow on the 10:00 morning news show on NBC 11, talking about the San Francisco gun ban and my pending escape to the Free State. My challenge, since I have accepted it, is to explain, in quick sound bites, why the issue is culturally significant to libertarians, what the Free State Project is all about, and why we confound those who seek to classify us within the traditional left-right political spectrum.

Update 11:30 PM: Exclusive! The Superior Court hearing to challenge Prop H was scheduled for Wednesday but has now been postponed by the Judge. The new court date is 2/23. Remember folks, you heard it here first.

Update 2/14 7:45 AM: I’ve been bumped from today’s show. :( Hopefully I’ll be rescheduled later.

Across the pan-handle

Across the pan-handle

I don’t know what it is about San Francisco but this time of year is flu and cold hell on earth. I’m guessing it’s the extensive use of mass transit and the relatively small and confined size of the city proper that causes this micro-demic infection of the population each year. I’m no fan of illness so whenever possible I avoid Muni during this season and walk to work. This is St. Ignatius Church from Oak Street heading down towards Soma.

Click image for larger version.

Lovin’ it

For the past few days, I have gone out for dinner with friends at pubs, partied at a comic book store, had great sushi, tried strong Middle Eastern coffee, exchanged deep thoughts, shouted obscenities, ate french fries with curry ketchup and pesto mayo, drank great beer, went to a comic book convention, and attended a party with free beer and cotton candy. And enjoyed fantastic sunny weather to boot.

God I love this city.

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