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Pirate Cat Radio

pcr2.gifLately, I’ve been incessantly listening to Pirate Cat Radio. (As many have probably heard, they recently made headlines for rebroadcasting Howard Stern’s new satellite radio-only show.) Their credo:

“We believe that Title 47 Section 73.3542 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations currently allows Pirate Cat Radio 87.9fm to legally broadcast with out a formal licence from the FCC.”

Not surprisingly, their ‘on air’ status can be unpredictable. It’s got the standard kitchen sink variety (meaning, something to turn off/turn on everybody every 5 minutes). I’ve been especially partial to “Post-Punk for Post-Punks“, where, each show, DJ Alex has been playing songs only released during a particular year in the 80’s. (So far, he’s up to 1987, which is prime flashback mode for me. Ah yes…sporting acne, a flat-top and an Izod…)

Julie’s Supper Club – R.I.P. news for sure, but thought I’d post an ‘official’ obit. (And also as an FYI to those former SF residents out there who may recall this place.) Julie’s closed several months ago, apparently to be replaced by a new venue called “The Toxic Lounge” (I’m just guessing, according to the liquor license poster). As a relic of the heady dot-bubble days, Julie’s enjoyed a fairly popular run. Slightly baffling actually. I only ever went here a handful of times. The food was decidely mediocre and the music tinny and always just a touch too loud. Who knows when the new venue is set to open. Despite the posting months ago, it doesn’t seem there has been even token new construction done inside.

Okay, So This Is Just Petty


The prod that woke this bedroom community at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, whose 2005 population city officials estimate at 50,860, was a decision by San Francisco voters to pass an advisory measure banning military recruiters from schools.

Calling San Franciscans a bunch of “kooks and nuts” and castigating supervisors for their “tomfoolery,” the City Council unanimously approved a resolution “prohibiting the expenditure of city funds for attending conferences, training seminars and/or workshops to be held in the City of San Francisco.”

I’m not even sure that’s legal – but it IS funny.

“I was raised in Kentucky and everybody all over that area calls California ‘the land of the kooks and nuts’ or ‘the left coast’ because of the things that happen in San Francisco,” said [City Councilman] McCallon.

That’s not true! I think they call us Granola because what ain’t fruits and nuts is just flakes, right? (Oh save the angry comments, that’s just sarcasm, kids). Dude should get his insults right.

I think Highland is just protective of the military because the community got its start as the home of famous navel oranges.

Hey, they can’t all be winners . . . .

All Together Now: Awwwww

The Oakland Zoo’s newest resident is a 2 week old baby giraffe nicknamed “Brave Little Toaster” (a name I’ve always enjoyed and frequently employed, despite the fact that I find its cartoon-namesake to be quite scarring for kids with that whole Blankie character, but I digress). Also worth noting, giraffes is nassty:

The giraffe in question, however, would never be mistaken for an electrical appliance. When he was born on Feb. 6, he weighed 150 pounds and was 6 feet 2. Since then, he has grown 2 inches and has gained 20 pounds. . . .

Giraffes, wholly improbable creatures to begin with, live in a world where monogamy is an alien concept. Half the Oakland herd is on birth control to avoid having giraffes popping up, or out, everywhere. On the other hand, lone bull Kodjo can have sex with the females whenever they allow it.

“They can choose to copulate as often as they’d like, but we can control it,” Kinzley said. “It’s a very quick process, a couple of seconds. The lead-up takes longer — he nudges her with his head and tastes her urine.”

At 16, Tiki is a veteran of such encounters. The new baby is her fifth calf, and the Oakland Zoo’s 10th giraffe offspring in a decade or so . . . .

Add “see cute baby giraffe” to my To-Do list. I mean, look at these baby pictures – how cute are they!

SOMA’s Latest Mural saw the artist painting this on the alley wall of Club Six this past week or so. Cool. And his work looks really familiar. I’m blanking though. So, I’m bummed I didn’t stop at the time to chat him up, since now I can’t give him the proper shout-out he deserves. Anyone know? (FYI: The text on the scroll in the upper lefthand corner reads: “Sometimes life brings us surprises, happiness and sadness…But. Everything has meaning. Never give up. – Yohei”) And yup, I did a quick Google for ‘Yohei’, but no love. Doh. There are several great murals in the alleys on 6th St. b/t Market and Howard. Check’em out.

Sunset on Market Street

Sunset on Market

Not the most compelling photo I’ve ever taken for sure but it captures the colors from a beautiful sunset last week. Yesterday I was cursing myself because I found myself in the very odd position of walking through the city before it wakes up. The sun was just barely denting the night sky in the east and me without my camera. As much as this is a sunset city don’t underestimate it’s beauty at dawn. I hope to make a few sunrise photo excursions fairly soon and get some images to share with you.

Click image for larger version.

Big #$^#%& Deal: I’ve been doing this around town for months now

Oh, but I’m studying for the bar, so it’s part of the territory . . . .

Edinburgh Castle is hosting a celebration for what I think is one of America’s least celebrated – at least before 10pm and not on broadcast television – cultural traditions: swearing.

Fucking A.

Yes, the bar is holding a Swearing Festival this weekend to celebrate “all things profane with words, song, dance, and Vile Oaths contest.” And hey kids, it’s educational:

Cuss words are cultural markers, revealing what society deems to be obscene. Black said he was surprised to learn that profanity was censored in the Middle Ages, when there was a “master of rebels” who would flog those with foul tongues. “It’s a class-based judgment,” Black notes, “depending on who’s saying it, there are different perceptions of meaning and intent.”

In that spirit, Black has lined up quite an evening of naughty words. First comes a panel discussion featuring Stanford University’s Jonathan Hunt, journalist Andrew Orlowski and author Beth Lisick (“Everybody Into the Pool”) to discuss media, culture and cussing.

Then there will be a mass swearing experience, a Most Horrible, Vile Oaths contest, classic cursing film clips, a swear sing-a-long, a crash course on foreign bad words, and a dance party, which Black predicts will encourage more epithets.

Dude! Sign me the fuck up! Oh wait, I’ll be having my own private swearing party wherever I’m studying. But you can bet your sweet-metblog-reading asses that I’ll be swearing along in spirit – and in fact.

The Swearing Festival, 7 p.m. Sat. $10. Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary St., S.F. (415) 885-4074.

World News Round Up

Just a reminder that Metroblogging’s world coverage gives you a chance to get some first-hand reportage on the cartoon fallout in places like Lahore, Pakistan.

Just another we keep the world on your desktop . . . . .

The Utah

The Utah

I can never remember if this is the Hotel Utah or the Utah Hotel but it’s a pretty cool joint down in Soma.

Click image for larger version.

Not Smooth Sailing

Image Hosted by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. said, “This isn’t the San Francisco that I’ve known and loved and grew up in and was born in.” after the San Francisco city supervisors voted to block her efforts to bring the USS Iowa to Fisherman’s Wharf. The USS Iowa would have been a major money making tourist attraction for San Francisco.

Even though the World War II battleship has been out of commission for years, and really quite harmless, the thought of that big bad WAR ship had the supervisors shaking in their sandals. No guns in San Francisco, no matter how big or small, how loaded or unloaded. Come on guys, if Sen. Feinstein wants the ship here just how bad could it be?

The USS Iowa may be docked in Stockton and although a fine city, it is just not “The City.”

Any port in a storm: In an emergency, we will accept help from any source and in any place, even from an unpleasant person.

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