Half Moon Bay first-timer

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for just about 4 years now, and I’ve never ventured out to Half Moon Bay. Last Sunday, I took my brand new Nikon SLR along with me, as I joined my friend Toan, and his former USF classmates, Francis, See, Joelle and Sabrina, for a walk along Pillar Point at Half Moon Bay. Our guidebook didn’t do a great job getting us to Pillar Point, but a friendly fisherman, who was just about to kayak into the bay to catch crab, pointed us in the right direction. We arrived and parked in a cramped parking lot as families unloaded fishing gear and baby strollers. As we walked towards the beach, dogs of all shapes and sizes trotted past with their owners. The sky was a bit overcast, but as we turned the bend, the Pacific Ocean and sky opened up to us. I’m old school, and I snapped photos (yes, real film) with the feverish fervor of the paparazzi on the red carpet. I soon ran out of two rolls of film, so I suppose that’s when digital is handy… If it weren’t for the windchill, I felt as if it were May not February! At the end of Pillar Point, we discovered tidepools, and Francis picked up a FAT pink starfish. I don’t recommend molesting starfish like he did! You’d think we were going on a more strenuous hike since the guys had packed apples, tangerines, and even a can of sardines! We ended the “hike” with lunch at the Hawaiian Ono Grill – we ordered what the big lady in the Hawaiian floral print muu muu did — the #24 (teriyaki chicken and kalbi beef with macaroni salad and two scoops of rice). We headed back up Hwy 92. Did you ever notice that there are a lot of places to get pony rides in Half Moon Bay? Why is that? We stopped at the intersection of Hwy 92 and 35 to go hiking at Crystal Springs trail, which the guidebook rated a 7. What a mistake! From the road, you could see how beautiful Crystal Springs is, but there’s a green chainlink fence keeping you at least 100 feet from the water. We felt like prisoners escaping Folsom! So skip Crystal Springs.
Vera%20on%20rock%20-%20Half%20Moon%20Bay.jpg Francis%20and%20the%20tidepool.jpg Toan%20w%20starfish.jpg seashells%20on%20beach.jpg

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