Pirate Cat Radio

pcr2.gifLately, I’ve been incessantly listening to Pirate Cat Radio. (As many have probably heard, they recently made headlines for rebroadcasting Howard Stern’s new satellite radio-only show.) Their credo:

“We believe that Title 47 Section 73.3542 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations currently allows Pirate Cat Radio 87.9fm to legally broadcast with out a formal licence from the FCC.”

Not surprisingly, their ‘on air’ status can be unpredictable. It’s got the standard kitchen sink variety (meaning, something to turn off/turn on everybody every 5 minutes). I’ve been especially partial to “Post-Punk for Post-Punks“, where, each show, DJ Alex has been playing songs only released during a particular year in the 80’s. (So far, he’s up to 1987, which is prime flashback mode for me. Ah yes…sporting acne, a flat-top and an Izod…)

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