Drug Warriors vs. Cancer Patient

Astute Technorati watchers may have noticed a consistently popular search term over this past week.

Former Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby is literally fighting for his life against an overzealous political machine here in our very own Northern Cali.

You can get the whole story at the kubby.com website, but the bottom line is this: Steve needs the green to keep his cancer symptoms and growth in check. The government, in the words of one law enforcement officer, “has a real hard-on” for him. After being denied clemency by the Canadian Government, he returned to SFO last week to turn himself in to authorities, but Placer County officials nabbed him as soon as the plane landed. Since being incarcerated, he’s getting some relief from through an isolated THC drug called Marinol, but it isn’t as effective as the real plant.

This is wrong on so many levels, I don’t even know where to start. If you want to try to help save a cancer victim from the cold clutches of government, please, get involved. Show up at his court hearing on Friday. Tell the bureacrats you disapprove of using our tax money for harassment of peaceful citizens.

UPDATE 2/3: DO NOT CALL THE JAIL. Conditions there have improved dramatically. His treatment there is no longer life threatening. Thanks to those who called – it worked!

The latest from KUBBY.COM:

Friday the 3rd will be the preliminary hearing to set the date for the trial which is estimated to be around February 15th. Bill McPike, Steve’s attorney, met with the DA in hopes to be able to work with Placer County Probation Department ot reinstate Steve’s probation.

Although Steve is thin and mal-nutritioned, he was pleased to see all of his friends and family in the courtroom, today. A little bit of good news is that he is now being given some Marinol but not the full dose amount he should be getting; 3 instead of 6 and he is has yet to be seen by a doctor.

Michele and the girls set out to cross the border and transport their belongings to the states. There is a little light at the end of the tunnel where Canada is concerned, but more on that at a later time. She and the girls made it across the border without any troubles of any kind, thankfully.

Unfortunately, Steve will be incarcerated the entire time.

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